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UNSOLVED: One specific book > New Adult College - one of the protagonists male frat buddy is a virgin named chase. he says something like 'im not saving myself for marriage. she doesnt have to be the one. she just needs to be my everything at the moment.'

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Zoe | 7 comments I'm looking for a new adult contemporary novel about a college player falling for his childhood best friend? He visits his childhood best friend in another university when he found out her boyfriend was cheating. In the book, he was also lusting over a redheaded classmate of his tho they never really talk. Player lives in a frat house where one of his mates named chase (?) whose a virgin says something like 'Im not waiting for marriage, I just want to lose it to someone I care about. She doesn't have to be the one, she just has to be my everything at the moment.'

I read this book around 2014-2016. Thank you!!

alittlelifeofmel (thatgirlbookworm) | 33 comments i feel like I read this really recently...

This book has the "falling for a best friend" trope and the cheating boyfriend, but I don't know if this is it?


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Zoe | 7 comments Hi Mel!! Unfortunately that's not the book I'm looking for :( thanks a lot though I'm adding this book to my reading list! :D

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Zoe | 7 comments Still looking!

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Zoe, please note you can bump your thread every 30 days, because the group is so large.

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Zoe | 7 comments still looking!

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