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Jesla it was good

Esther liked the book and the movie. This was my choice for the book club one month. Others didn't like the book so much. The movie only had fair reviews because it was confusing. After reading the book the movie was not confusing to me. The movie ended sooner than the book and I preferred the book.

Hodan ( the movie was nothing like the book!!! it cut like 80% of the books plot out, a lot of people didn't get the movie b/c A LOT of the story was not shown!!!!!! I read the book two times and read it again the day before the movie came out, what i assumed i was going to see and what i saw are two different things. the cast was right but the screenplay was absolute shit making the movie an absolute shit.
i was incredibly disappointed and bitched about it for weeks after the incident as i call it.

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Jamie I agree. I didn't watch the whole movie because Eric Bana's fake American accent was embarrassing, but my friends (who were watching it and hadn't read the book) kept asking me to explain what was going on.

I have to say that I'm a little disappointed with all the bad reviews for this book. Time travel is a challenging plot device to work with and considering that the subject is pure speculation, it would be impossible to make everyone happy. I thought the idea of a couple predestined to be together because one is a time traveler is so original and interesting that nitpicking the character's music tastes is just being hateful.

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Hodan ( its one of my fav books of all time. you are right the plot was incredibly original and the writers of the movie could have done so much with it but they didn't even try it. A lot of people assumed because the movie was SOOOOOOO bad that the book had to be the same.
I loved the idea of predestined love, seeing Henry and Clare grow together even though my BFF things it one of the most disgusting relationships EVER. 18yo girl doing a 41yo man thing was not her thing, or the 40something man talking and being with a kid or something like that. i didn't c it that way b/c if Clare hadn't talked to Henry in the library he would never have met her and if Henry hadn't time traveled to the meadow Clare would never have met him. No matter what it would have happened thats why they are so meant for each other.
This book to me was magic, if there ever was a perfect book TTTW came so close to it. the only part that i didn't like was the ending. I don't know why he told her he would see her again, he told her to move on with her life but by telling her he would see her again without telling her when it changes everything because all she is going to do is wait for him and NOT move on.
In the movie there was so much missing that i don't associate the two. We never really got to know anything about the characters in the movie, nothing was explained, we didn't c so much of Henry and Clares life, didn't get their relationship or how they came to be. Nothing about their families or their friends or anything. its like the person who wrote the screen play was half a sleep and noone checked anything he/she did. I can't believe that Audrey Niffenegger let them do this to her book, didn't she have a say?

I love the odd/weird parts in the book. One that i didn't get until i reread the book was when Henry was 17 and he traveled to his room when he was 17. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? i was like "OMG guys are so weird!!" i couldn't believe he did that with himself lol. does anyone know what i am talking about? Another scenes i thought was weird was when Henry and Clare had sex while the other Henry was in bed with them asleep! I didn't get it at first than i reread it over like 3 times and i was like NO WAY.
I liked their music talk at the party with the kid, i am a music junkie so it worked for me.

I loved so much about this book that i could literally go on talking about it for DAYS. there is so much more to say :)

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Carleigh Burnett this book really surprised me! i enjoyed it VERY much! it was funny action but, sad at the same time.

Jesla i liked this book

Think I actually read her second book first,Her Fearful Symmetry, and liked it very much. Then I was interested in what else she had written, so I found TTTW about the time the movie was to come out on DVD. (Yeah, I was way behind.)
So, I read TTTW before I saw the movie and was sooo glad that I did. I don't think the movie was bad, but I don't think I would have liked it as much if I hadn't already felt a connection to the characters through the book.
So, in my final opinion: I thought the book was much better than the movie. But the movie didn't totally fail. [Confession: I own it on DVD, and I cry every time I watch it.]

Robin I read the book, and I thought it was a good book. I would have cast Laura Linney that is who I envisioned as Clare. I was told the movie is nothing like the book, so I chose to not view it. I may see it, to see what is the difference between book and movie, which I am sure there is bound to be. Directors always take poetic license on adaptations. Nothing new to me.

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Amy S It wasn't that I didn't like the book, it was just that is was hard for me to follow. When I watched the movie, it actually helped me like the book more. I know that there is always disappoinment when a beloved book is made into an "alright" movie.

Magda This is one of my favorite books but the movie was horrible.
The book builds their relationship beautifully, something you won't experience with the movie.

Robin That is what I have heard and read regarding this book. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I guess movies are not always like the book.

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