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I've written a western/revisionist western short story at 1,500 aprox. words. The title of this story is: Ad Absurdum (The Absurd). So it's not that long. Anyone that's interested, please call out. I can email you .docx, .rtf, pdf and .gdoc.

The story follows a female bounty hunter chasing the person who murdered her family.

I've also tried attempting an Edgar Allan Poe writing style. But this really only appears near the climax and I feel that it has been missed and barely done there, so if you have any suggestions on further implementing the Poe writing style into this story, it'll be very obliged.

And thanks, O' such great community!
Todd Robinson.

message 2: by LAURA J HELFEN (new)

LAURA J HELFEN | 1 comments Hello...I write short stories too. I’d love to read your western. Thanks, Laura

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Oh, thank you! May I have you email so that I can send it to you? Thanks. And, by the by, what format (eg .gdoc) do you want the story in?

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