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BookWarden | 40 comments Mine is Branston. He was adopted by a friend of his father's at roughly age 15, and under that man's fathership learned about how to manipulate people, as that man was a king's lord, and often handled diplomacy.
Branston learned how to fight, to a degree, and learned how to negotiate. He learned about the strength of family, as well.
When the plot kicks in, he's thrown into situations that test his mind, his morality, and his mental and physical strength. He learns of loss, vengeance, duty, and self-sacrifice for the greater good.

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Depends. (I have a lot of stories... XD)

Don't follow my example.

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In the main story I'm working on, Hugo is one of the main characters, although there are others. Hugo used to be a farmer before his farm burned down when he was a child, leaving him with a missing father and a family in poverty.

Hugo's family barely made it through, but they still survived. Once Hugo was old enough, he was offered a job by Davis to join the Claimant, an artifact-hunting company, which allowed his family to go back to their previous state when they still had the farm.

Hugo's more of a quiet but cautious person who stays loyal to his friends, as seen when he ends up sacrificing himself so that his friends can continue their quest to find the artifact that'll destroy the world... (insert unnecessary information here... um, spoiler alert above.)

So... that's one of my main characters.

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BookWarden | 40 comments Noice!

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Caroline Walken (carolinewalken) Meet Dorothy Denham.

Dottie has lived nearly a century, outliving friends, family, and the love of her life Nicky. She slips into the past often, and the family is at a loss as to how to reach her. She, however, has found a place that gives her peace and comfort, one where she again celebrates her life and her love. Her memory lapse allows Nicky the opportunity to connect with her again, holding him in ‘The Void’ where he can only move forward if she joins him. Dottie would willingly do so, but she has unfinished business to attend first.

After a nearly fatal accident, her family arrives in her home. The decision made that the safest place for their feeble relative is in an assisted living facility. However, a discovery in the woman’s memorabilia opens a door no one expected.
The family embarks on a journey that unravels a history they never imagined. This also allows Dottie to share her life’s lessons with those she holds most dear.

This is not just another heartfelt family moment. The family may need to embrace a passing entanglement with gangsters and bootleggers, this being only on their grandfather’s side of the family. They first must recover from the shock that their sweet grandmother was a burlesque dancer and a successful one at that!

In retelling her life story, Dottie is able to use her life’s lessons to help the women in her family come to terms with their own battles. Whether it is love, trust, or confidence, Dottie has a treasure trove of examples to use. Finally, those that she loves find a new path to happiness, and she is free to pursue her own. In her life and in her passing, Dottie's lessons touch her great-granddaughter, Maisie the deepest. A quiet, studious girl, she is keen to notice the faint scent of Cigar smoke and questions if Dottie’s ‘moments’ could be more. Her great-grandmother helps her see the beauty she possesses and gives her the confidence to seek her own happiness. In the end, she will circle back to the same home, electing to begin her family there in the place where she feels loved.

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Jason Howl | 2 comments Hey Carolina, BEHIND THE FAN looks interesting

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