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Try and restart this group

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message 1: by Katherine (new)

Katherine | 7 comments Just writing this to see if maybe the group could be restarted.... currently reading The story collector by Evie Gaughan. First 50 pages I was going to give up on it thinking it seemed too 'stage' irish but now over half way through and loving it so far

message 2: by Vicki (new)

Vicki Murphy | 2 comments I'd be interested as well in getting involved in discussions and choosing books monthly etc.

message 3: by Martin (new)

Martin Bonfil | 2 comments Also interested in restarting the group. Happy to make recommendations for group reads.

message 4: by Vicki (new)

Vicki Murphy | 2 comments Recommend away.

message 5: by Pat (new)

Pat  Filan | 1 comments U

message 6: by Martin (new)

Martin Bonfil | 2 comments What about “Amongst Women” by John McGahern? A powerful novel about family relationships in rural Ireland in the the 1950s

message 7: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Daniels | 1 comments About 20 years ago I read a great book by an Irish author. Well written and funny. Set in Northern Ireland during The Troubles. The main character knew a girl who had a Gaelic name he said sounded something like "earache".
Do you know this book?

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