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message 1: by Anitha (new)

Anitha | 3 comments Hi everyone,

I'm trying to find workbooks for adults (especially women in the US) dealing with ADHD and Executive Function challenges. I'm hoping to hear your suggestions for what workbooks worked and why or conversely, which workbooks failed to help and the wall you hit with them.

Thanks in advance!

message 2: by Valentino (new)

Valentino | 9 comments This book has been pretty good for me as a reference & general knowledge for adults ADD/ADHD. The subject of women being treated is mentioned at time.

message 3: by Anitha (new)

Anitha | 3 comments Hi Valentino! What was helpful about Russell Barkley's book on Adult ADHD in particular? Was there anything you would have changed?

message 4: by Valentino (new)

Valentino | 9 comments So much, except I can’t name them all. Most current benefit to me was my parents. I played the book via audible & my mother who is ADHD but she doesn’t think so, liked the lessons & points the book had for 40 minute listen.

Then, My mother said something I thought she would never ask me, “can I read that book?” I gave her the book & left a sticky note on the chapter about relationships with family members who don’t understand ADHD. My relationship with my mother has changed a little, yet I feel she has thought more about my ADHD in ways she never had before. Not bas for a 40 minute listen.

message 5: by Anitha (new)

Anitha | 3 comments Oh, cool. That's encouraging to hear.

I'm trying to learn what the workbooks do for people and where they might be lacking. Russell Barkley's book isn't really a workbook, but still happy it helped you!

message 6: by Valentino (new)

Valentino | 9 comments They are sections that have clear guidelines & chapters that feel like a workbook. If anything check the book out at a local library or book store & skim through it. You’ll see it is well thought out & insightful. I believe Russel has been on of the few that has been doing this for a very long time.

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