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message 1: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) Hi,

My name is Rick. I'm new here.
I joined this group and want to connect with others, discuss and talk.

message 2: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 1 comments I am Stephanie. Also new to this group. Nice to meet you Rick.

message 3: by Giovanni (new)

Giovanni (sphaso) | 1 comments Hi everyone, Giovanni here. Not formally a student anymore but certainly doing my share of self-studying maths.

message 4: by Mels (new)

Mels Tijdgat | 2 comments Hey I am Mels, and I want to get deeper in to mathematics. I am in the last year of high school. And after that I will go to the Technical University of Delft. Does anyone recommend a particular mathematics book? I have only high school(pre-university) math knowledge.

message 5: by Mels (new)

Mels Tijdgat | 2 comments Maybe a book that intro’s the most populair theories?

message 6: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) @Stephanie: What do you do?

message 7: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) @Mels: I am not a Mathematician but pick up things that interest you and expand your knowledge. I'm part of Aspiring Polymath group. We have been talking about it.

message 8: by Pegah (new)

Pegah (pegimdp) | 1 comments Hello I’m new in this group .Nice to meet you all :)
How often you read a suggested book here together ? Is it this way at all?

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