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Michael Kerwin Moss gets an offer from Chigurh saying "If you give me the money, I will spare your wife." In the end Moss declines and both he and his wife die. Would you have taken Chigurh's offer? Could you have trusteed his owrd in this situation?

Prestonage You'd be crazy to trust Chigurh. If you're in a McCarthy book, you'd better learn to accept your fate, because you're dead.

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L B It's easy to say after the fact he should have sacrificed himself to save his wife considering how things played out. But at the time he truly thought he could beat Chigurh. He was a warrior (Vietnam Vet), and he thought he could win.

Lucia Hello there and thanks for this fascinating question! I hope you won't mind me re-opening this rather dated discussion.
I would argue that, oddly enough, Chigurh might be the most trustworthy character in the novel. Despite, of course, being a cold-blooded murderer, he's a man of principle. In fact, all his actions seem to align with some strange set of rules.
For example, when he's about to kill Moss's wife, Carla Jean, he tosses a coin to decide whether or not to kill her, saying: "This is the best I can do." as though the act of killing her was something utterly out of his control.
It's a peculiar kind of logic -- but logical nevertheless. Stripped of the deplorable deeds his "logic" engenders, Chigurh might even be the most "reliable" character in the novel.
That said, I dare say yes, I would have trusted his word and taken his offer.

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