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Kimberly Ann (auntie-nanuuq) | 753 comments Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding (Her Royal Spyness Mystery, # 12) by Rhys Bowen

Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding, Rhys Bowen

★ ★ 1/2

Lady Georgiana is like 35th in line for the crown, she is about to marry Darcy O'Mara & a catholic in a small private wedding, when her cousin Queen Mary invites herself & the King as well as a slew of other Royal relations.

I disliked the beginning, because it begins w/ Georgie at Ascot w/ the Queen & King and she sees Darcy across the field w/ an attractive woman. Rather than going over greeting him & introducing herself, Georgie jumps to the wrong conclusion & falls into a pity pot of whining & moaning.

I wish to hell & back Bowen would finally stop this crap....

Georgie then receives a letter from one of her step-fathers, who is off in the Andes asking her, as his heir, and Darcy to move into to his estate & take over the management of it, as he's worried about shady dealing there.

Upon arriving at her new home, what Georgie finds is an unkempt estate; a truculent, lazy & surly staff; disappearing furniture; short accounts; and an ghost which for once in Georgie's life makes Georgie stop whining & find the gumption to take over and manage the staff & estate. While in town trying to find out what happened to the original estate staff, Georgie learns that there has been a rash of burglaries in the area.

There are 5 deaths; one more than in the title: The German Industrialist Father of Georgie's Mother's soon-to-be husband, the bride-to-be of Georgie's Granddad; the original Butler (a year before she arrived); the banker who has come to investigate possible fraud of the owner's mother's accounts; and the owner's mother whom Georgie & her Granddad find in the family vault.

When both Georgie's Mother's & Granddad's weddings are called off, Georgie invites them both to come stay with her. The new cook, Fernando, is so bad that Georgie calls her former maid Queenie back from Ireland where she has learned to be an excellent cook. At least Bowen changed Queenie's character from a gormless twit to a capable woman.

You know I despise weak & whiny characters who run hot & cold, it really does ruin a story; so I'm not sure if I can read another in the series.... I do not comprehend why the author takes so different a care with this series than her Molly Murphy series, the immaturity of these characters (considering royalty is involved) never ceases to amaze and disappoint me.

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KateNZ | 2615 comments Hilarious! We obviously need a new kind of trigger warning: Contains Whining ...

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annapi | 5117 comments Hahaha, all we need is to check Kimberly's reviews, and her low star ones should be enough of a whining trigger! I don't have your patience, Kimberly, I would have dropped the book like a hot potato. I utterly despise the overused contrivance of characters assuming a slight or betrayal and moaning and blundering about instead of simply asking their partner/love interest for an explanation.

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