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Peyton (pemhorse8) | 68 comments This is my journal.

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Peyton (pemhorse8) | 68 comments Organizing tips

When you are organizing/ decluttering you should keep in mind these tips-
1. Do I still love it?
2. Is it broken?
3. Is it missing pieces?
4. Do I ever play with it?
5. Do I have a place to keep it?
6. Do I really need it?
7. Do I have room for it?
8. Will I still want it in a week?
9. Will I still want it in a month?
10. Where will I keep it?
11. Am I willing to get rid of something else in order to keep this?

Next work on getting rid of your stuff.
1. Pick an area than stick with it. -Don’t try to do the whole house at once, or you’ll all be frustrated.

2. Use a three bucket system: Keep It / Toss It / Donate It or Garage Sale It.

3. Don’t put things away as you go. -The you will get worn out running around the house, and you might just lose yourself to a distraction you find as your’re traveling. Use buckets or baskets for the separate piles and a trash can for the trash. Sorting is actually kind of fun!

4. Ask your questions. (Above) -As you sort items, ask lots of questions to help decide which pile is the right place for each item.

5. Sort the keep pile again. -Now that the you are in the mood to dejunk, you might change your mind about much of what you decided to keep.

6. Put everything away. -Make sure you put everything in the keep pile away in it’s proper place. (Guess what? You’ll probably get rid of even more. Sometimes it’s easier to trash it than to find a place for it.)

I got this from:

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Peyton (pemhorse8) | 68 comments I have a best friend and her name is Kiera.

"kiki do you love me? are you riding? say you'll never ever leave from beside me. cause i want you. and i need you."

(Her nickname is ki ki.)

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Peyton (pemhorse8) | 68 comments My song that I wrote once-

Once I was young and free
I could fly if I wanted to
The sky was the limit
I believed I was free

I could ran to my heart’s content
I could not get tried
Even through I could run forever
I couldn’t run away
From growing up

My let started to get less free
I couldn’t fly anymore
The moon was now the limit
Yet I believed I was trapped

I tried to gain what I had lost
I keep failing, but I still tried
I cared what others thought about me
I keeped making the wrong mistakes

Until the day when all was lost
The day when everything was found
Being able to fly and keep my head up high
Being ran to my heart's content

But flicker of hope was gone
As soon as it was found
Than after it was gone
There was no more hope for me
No more hope for me

But still I couldn't help looking back
To when I could fly
To when I was free
Till I could not remember anymore

My memory of it had disappeared
At the same time it had set me free
It set me free from the past memories
That had been telling what I had none of.

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Peyton (pemhorse8) | 68 comments I just need to rant right now.

-I get really stressed on and when I accidentally let lose, I get called a Bit**.
-I never swear even how I just used it above, but I am mad.
-They get mad at me, and now they hate me. Now they always would.
-I may delete the post, but they will remember it.
-Ugg I am so mad at myself.

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Peyton (pemhorse8) | 68 comments I just want to die

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