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Veda  (moonchild63) | 40 comments I will update my lil corner & reading challenge as I go:

1) Bedlam - Andrew Lanes Young Sherlock Holmes (8/12 100% update stats forthcoming) ****review posted**** Short story (35 pages), yet confusing (until I finished & found it was an - after thought - brought on/about by interesting research & author experience re: Asylum - NO, he wasn't committed just there was one when he was young & the history etc intrigued him), which made it difficult - I couldn't figure how it fit into the series (& where I had left off with young Sherlock series), so now with the 'mystery' (with in a mystery) solved and the story put to 'Bed' (lame 😌)

I'd say "don't get caught up" in the Bedlam of 'Bedlam' just take it at face value & move on to the next 📔 in the Young Sherlock Holmes series right away, which is 'Snake Bite.'

2) Pocketful of Miracles is a 'daily' read (& yearly re-read)

**UPDATE**Removed from 'challenge' list, purchased for Audio read @ later date: Dark Alliance - Gary Webb (one of my 20th century hero's) Not even 1/2 in yet, but hard subject/book for me or anyone really, this is a serious book/subject & I want to do it justice, yet struggling, I may have to come back to this one although -I think a double bill with Eckhart Tolle wouldn't have upset Gary in the least. Will keep ya posted.

3) A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle (checked out of my Public Library so will have to do two fisted read) the book is 336 pgs - good thing 'Bedlam' is one of Young Sherlock's short story reads😵 5 Chapters in (8/19/18) & not bad for where my head is at

Update - finished - all 2018 Reading Challenge grp has been incorporated with the overall Good Reads Challenge for 2018. I pledged 12 books there as well.

With the holidays/end of the year closely approaching, I will attempt to do better in 2019 regarding both challenges, yet for now this stands as my 'Offical' 2018 (- 2019) group challenge reading list & 12 book committment!

4) Leverage In Death - JD Robb (due out 9/2018, prepaid & audio free due to Audible trial - to say "patience is a virtue" has become a 'mantra!') 8/19 stillll waiting😒

****9/21/18 Update - Finished it was a 'blast' all you can get without [spoilers], yet if you are a fan of JD ROBB & the 'In Death' series it will be enough to wet your whistle.

5) Lethal White - Robert (Pseudonym) Galbraith (JK Rowling & like #4 JD Robb - I gotta wait)

9/21/18 Update **** It picks up where the last left off, but is a hodge-podge too much, but its JK Rowling & I 'hope' for a more cohesive ending or Something!

6) Chariot on the Mountain - Jack Ford (Sunny Hostin - The View - book pick based on a true story worth reading) On hold @ Library!

9/21/18 - I have it - that's as much as I can say! Finished it, I didn't hate it, yet found the historical circumstances (in light of resurgences of like-minded 'ignorance' a tad bit off-putting) & her ending doubly Sorrowful!

7) Doctor Who: Time of the Companions #3 - Cour M (Its the Doctor gang)

8) Dark In Death - JD Robb (*read it & captured by Goodreads, may re-read it)

9) The Witching Hour - Anne Rice (*Re-read early this year stored by Goodreads)

10) 'Shadow Study' Maria Snyder, I found that I was behind on this series & decided to go back to catch-up!

11/18: Reading

**Update** Removed to be read @ later date: Honor Among Thieves - Rachel Caine (My friend & excellent writer in her own right Maria Snyder - friend recommendation, if you haven't read the 'Study' or 'Glass' series Get cha Life folks!)

Ambition kicks in so we shall see what I pick for

11) 'The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire' Deepak Chopra, this popped up while doing a meditation. READ

** Update** Removed for later date: Snake Bite (a 'maybe' or perhaps I will let the grp decide these last two)

12) Another Deepak Chopra book 'The Shadow Effect' written in conjunction with Debbie Ford & Marianne Williamson!

11/18: Reading

Tune in to see what these last two 📔📗will be!

**Update 12/2/2018

Corrections & updates for this group challenge have been posted & with the completion of the last two reads I will have completed my goal of (12) books -

(*)Read in 2018 prior to joining grp or post date (other wise Active part of 'Personal' Reading Challenge 2018 📓)

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Blagica  | 12013 comments you must have the wrong link it is not closed. Welcome and happy reading if you would like to say hi here is the link.


message 3: by Veda (new)

Veda  (moonchild63) | 40 comments Thanks, I posted today. I can take the duplicate off.

message 4: by Veda (new)

Veda  (moonchild63) | 40 comments I have reached my goal 💃

I concluded with 'Lost' J.D. Robb (a/k/a Missing in Death) a novella!

& it's off to 2019 🎉 While I wait, I have some 2018 start-ups to finish up, which will put me ahead of the game & grp challenge(s) etc.

I did it, I was iffy on it, but

"I Did It!" 😎😍

Here's wishing my GoodReads Fam

a 'joyous' New 🎆 Year!!!💋Smooches

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Veda  (moonchild63) | 40 comments Well it's a new 'Year' & a new 'Challenge,' I have upped the ante & will update my "Corner" as I go - my first read is not half read & I could get distracted so

👀 ya when I pick a 📚 & have read it -

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