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-- where new students are sent by house masters
to be properly greeted by their house welcoming committee

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Now there wasn't exactly a school dress code. There were guidelines - but they were loose. And Sathoran enjoyed bending those to the point of almost breaking them. Yet she did it so casually that most people didn't even question it, didn't double take, or anything else of the sort. Sathoran got away with a lot actually, and that was because she knew she could, and she didn't really care if she'd get caught. Like officially making herself head of the welcoming committee... Or rather the entire welcoming committee because void house members were notoriously antisocial. Or using the remains of the locals to nurse houseplants back to health. Or occasionally raid the cafeteria for muffins without actually paying for them...

Void didn't typically get new members and when they did all of them knew it before the new member did. They made accommodations weeks in advanced, they saw visions, sometimes they could even guess a name correctly. That's because all of them were connected, their shared tethers to the void was what kept them so close regardless of cultural differences or variations of personality. They could see - though even so, Sathoran was having a hard time seeking out this new member. She knew he was a hellhound, and she knew she was supposed to give him a tour of the school as best as she could, but other than that she had to go by instinct.

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Seokwoo had been — warned wasn't the right word. Informed? Foretold? Too foreboding — warned of what school would be like and the behavior he needed to exhibit. Which was partly the reason behind the scowl on his face and the slump of his shoulders. All else ( the deep furrow of his brows and the constant sniffing ) were all from nerves. Why wouldn't be nervous? He was separated from his family by being placed in house void. That, and it was now being counted as something as disgrace for him, the runt.

Swallowing, he sniffed again, moving off to the side for a moment. His bangs almost covered his eyes, though were not long enough to do so. He figured he'd let them grow out a little more. Maybe he'd be a little more intimidating like his parents needed him to be. But — wasn't there supposed to be some kind of welcoming committee or something? Seokie'd been told there'd be one. The hellhound, however, could not see anyone who might be so.

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Sathoran closed her eyes and stood there for a moment, pulling at the strings of oblivion, struggling to get into touch with that side of herself she knew was there. She wasn't nearly as gifted as Kylias or Angus, or really anyone else in house void, at least she never considered herself as much. So finding Seokwoo took a little time, but when she did she smiled graciously, bounding over to him and waving enthusiastically, "You're the hellhound right?" she held her hand out, tilting her head, "I'm Sathoran, I'm the one who'll be showing you the goods around here. Welcoming committee" she explained, her sentences somewhat fragmented, probably because she was very clearly excited.

Gosh it would be so awkward if this wasn't the guy.

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It was an odd sensation, something that had his stomach rolling. But it was just that — something. Seokie wasn’t sure if it was a lack of a word in his vocabulary or just not knowing, but he couldn’t name it. But it was soon gone and he was left bewildered and faced with someone calling out to him. And to be fair, it might not have been all bad. The first thing that hit him was an earthy scent; strong enough that he had to wonder how he’d missed it to begin with. Then the flowers came next ( he didn’t know what kinds but they smelled nice and that was all that mattered, if he was being honest ) and he felt like he’d just been taken for a walk through some kind of garden, with it lingering on his clothes.

The person carrying this scent seemed pleased to see him, and it didn’t click right away. Instead, he glanced from one side to the next before looking down at the girl. “Uh.” Intelligent. The hellhound’s first thought — aside from the brewing excitement and the very strong urge to wag tail at this girl’s enthusiasm to see him — was that she might not have been told anything about him. That he was supposed to be something big and bad. And he did have the big part down; it was a little annoying looking down at her but if he bent his knees to accommodate her, that would be too nice of him. And he really wasn’t supposed to be nice, now was he?

“Nah. You missed him; he walked out like a second ago. I’m his brother.” Not a complete lie; his brother had dropped him off. Almost literally. Took him as far as the entrance and then backtracked, leaving him wholly unprepared. His scowl turned into a sneer, a canine showing for a moment. He hoped, really hoped, that Sathoran wouldn’t believe him and would laugh like everyone else at his attempts at being remotely mean.

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Sathoran stared at him a few times, batting her lashes in three swift blinks. Her grin remained but a rather bitter gleam filled her gaze as she slowly leaned forward, bringing up a finger and flicking his forehead calmly. "Don't be silly. Seokwoo" she replied. She hadn't known his name moments before, but it was that single moment of contact that she needed.

In fact most people in Void could do that. It was their tether to the Void that brought them together, but physical contact helped the power to flow through them directly, creating a single conduit rather than two individuals. She could do that with other people too - but to a far lesser extent. That was more Kylias' or Kris' forte.

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He didn't pout. It wouldn't be the first time that someone had seen through him. It would, however, be something of a first for someone other than his family to lay a finger on him in such a way. His first response was instinctual, a growl low in his throat that nothing more than the warning it was meant to be and what could be described as him flinching. The curl of his lips was enough to flash large canines and teeth a little sharper than the would be on anyone else. Once that initial response was complete, however, he was left with a scowl and furrowed brows hidden by his hair until he lifted a hand to the spot that had been flicked.

"Don't touch me." The growl returned, a little louder this time. But - he hadn't said his name. So how had she known his name? There had been a strange feeling — again, another something — and he was liking it less and less. If it had anything to do with Sathoran, then he would need to avoid her. Which sucked, because she smelled amazing. Just reaching up to flick him had set off a whole billowing a floral scents that hung over them now like a cloud. A stark contrast to the rot just beneath it. Like a corpse — he knew those well. The sharp tang of flesh melting away into the soil just there under there under the quaint scent of flowers and he couldn't distinguish it as well as he would have liked.

Which lead to him leaning in again, nose scrunched up. "You stink." An astute observation. But she didn't really stink and the stench wasn't strong enough to warrant the comment, but he figured he might as well just throw it out there. His first attempt at being somewhat mean hadn't worked, so why not try again. Dark eyes observed her quietly before Seokie stood upright once more, looking down his nose at her. "So what exactly is supposed to happen next? Don't have all day."

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Sathoran smiled, "Thank you" he retorted at his comment. He had gone out of his way to insult her, might as well thank him for his efforts. She rolled her eyes at his attempts though, she didn't think he was very intimidating. She thought if perhaps he needed to be, he was - but she knew it wasn't anything to be worried about. She was a touchy person though, she would try not to be around him, because he'd asked so very nicely, but she couldn't make any promises. It was just her culture shining through.

"I'm supposed to show you around a bit, so you know your way" she explained, gesturing for him to follow her as she stepped forward and out into the hall, "There are a lot of hallways, a whole bunch of em, they all have these weird stone busts that are worth a fortune, so don't break them - and trust me, they'll know if you break one." She began, glancing up at him, "You're listening, right?" she added, snapping her fingers up at him to get his attention.

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Nothing was working on this girl in being remotely offensive. A silent moment of panic passed him by; his siblings hadn't said anything about this. It only deepened his scowl as he was made to follow after the girl. And with her back turned, he may very well have pouted, though it was gone once the busts came into view. If he got in trouble for breaking it, how much trouble would that be? They looked as expensive as Sathoran claimed them to be and, to be entirely honest, Seokie kinda liked them. But — trouble.

He stood in front of one while she spoke, not quite mesmerizing but not quite not mesmerized by it. He blinked only when she snapped her fingers, looking over at her. "No. I'm not. I do have a question: what if I piss on them?" That had to count as defacing one, right? ( But this was more about marking this as his own because eventually, he might like to just take one up to his dorm. Eventually. When no one was looking too hard. And he'd definitely need to put his claim on it before anyone else got the same idea. ) His expression betrayed some of his eagerness to hear the answer, scowl lifting only slightly. With one hand on his hip and the other pointing up at the bust, he might have resembled a child demanding for a toy. A very tall, scowling child.

"And how heavy do you think they are?" Maybe he could get a sibling to help him carry it to his room. Then they'd both one.

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Sathoran's eyes widened faintly as she put two and two together, opening her mouth to reply before closing it slowly, momentarily at a loss for words. She glanced at the bust, quickly doing a once over of the area around them, "... If you wanna snatch one you gotta do it around two in the morning" she said quietly, turning and continuing forward, "-Anyways! There are maps on the walls, most of em aren't defaced but some of them are, and if that's the case I'm... pretty sure you can download an app?" she shrugged.

"Please don't piss on the bust in broad daylight... that's weird" she added hastily, raising her brows at him and gesturing for him to follow.

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So, she didn't have a definite answer; he'd just have to find one. "Taking a piss is natural; not my fault this bust is in the way." And for the first time that morning, he smiled. Okay, well, maybe smirked was more appropriate in this less than appropriate situation. He was, though, satisfied to have finally thrown her off balance with his remark. But now he had to actually follow through — and he could do that. It required littel effort to do it. Fly down, aim, relax.

And now he was smiling, quite actually. "I don't think I can aim at the maps but I'll try." He glanced over at her, beaming as if he'd given her a present. "This isn't the worst I could do, but I'm in a rush. Thanks for the tip." As if just making casual conversation while doing something like cleaning, he finished up, making sure that he'd covered the base in a fair coating of piss before tucking himself back in and zipping his fly.

"Where to next?"

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"I cannot believe you just whipped your dick out in broad daylight" she ran her hand over her face, shaking her head, "You pull any of that shit at the house and Oliver's probably gonna spritz you in the face until you're potty trained babe." she warned before turning and gesturing for him to follow.

"there's a cafeteria too, but it's not super popular. Most people just go to Syracuse for lunch cause there's some bomb ass bakeries in the area... you might wanna familiarize yourself with it though cause... we're not technically allowed to go down to Syracuse much anymore" she rambled a bit, folding her arms over her chest.

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Babe. He’d heard his siblings be called that by whoever they were with for the week, or hour in some cases. He’d heard them call others that as well, before it would fall short and filled with something venomous until they’d had their way. But he’d never been called it. Seokie probably shouldn’t have latched onto the word as much as he did, but there hope — that maybe he was doing something right for once and this girl would be further unnerved by future antics if he put his mind to it. “Being potty trained is boring.” His nose scrunched up with distaste. He’d only ever had to deal with a spray bottle in his toddling years, when chewing on furniture seemed like a fun thing to do. And Oliver using the spray bottle on him didn’t sound like much fun, but he wasn’t going to openly admit that that was what bothered him.

As if on cue, his stomach rumbled at the mention of food. Maybe he hadn’t eaten enough at breakfast ( he did have to fight his siblings for food and with his standing in the family was likely ). “Take me to the cafeteria, then.” Seokie didn’t think he wanted to add to his charges just yet after marking up the bust. Easing into things was usually a good way to start; he’d had plenty of time later to be more aggressive about these things. But at least he had the demanding, petulant child thing down.

Flicking a few strands of hair from his face, he glared — not so much a glare as it was just the natural set of his eyes ( another thing he’s had to deal with and was getting a little tired of ) — down at Sathoran. He tried not to think about how nice she smelled ( it was still there in the back of his mind, coming to the forefront the closer he got ), or about the fact that he kinda did wanna try those pastries down in Syracuse. “Don’t really care if it’s popular; just means more food for me.” Food that he’d probably eat too fast to really taste.

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