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Blood. A dimly-lit hallway. The sound of screaming. Then a man, face obscured, raising a sword, ready to strike. Angus woke abruptly, breathing heavily. He knew it was more than a simple nightmare — it was a void dream — but the complexities were ones he didn't feel safe to explore. He'd had terrible dreams before, but the tone was different. This felt truly evil, where most of them felt like warnings or were simply a picture — no morality, no objective. As the memories of the last few hours returned, he stilled, suddenly hyperaware of the pain in his back and shoulders. It seemed to have scabbed over, but he didn't dare move in case the scab cracked. Angus wanted to curl up in a ball, but his hands and feet were tied down — perhaps they'd feared he'd escape even in this state if they didn't do that, or maybe they just wanted to prevent him from feeling comfortable. There was no sound of people that he could make out, so perhaps they had forgotten to come back — he hoped. If they held off for just a few more minutes, he might be able to transform. And even injured, his dragon form was strong enough to fight back.

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The lights above were dim, they flickered every so often and though there were voices in the hallway just outside the door, it was mostly silent. The door creaked open then closed, calm steps approaching. And then he came into view, brows bushy and loosely set above his eyes, calm, complacent even. He sat in the chair beside Angus, thoughtfully looking him over before a chuckle erupted from his lips. "I sure did a fuckin number on you didn't I?" he cooed, tilting his head and poking the boy's cheek. "You passed out a few times, I thought you died like twice, but you're strong. I can respect that" he grinned. He was a professor at Addermire. Hell he didn't even try to hide his appearance.

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If he hadn't been restrained, Angus would have pushed the man away from him. But the most he could do was move his head to the side in discomfort. Now that he was more conscious than he had been when the man was last in the room, he could recognise him. "You won't win," he muttered, glaring at the wall in an attempt to avoid eye contact. It was rare for Angus to be cryptic — beyond outright silence — but he wanted to get back at him. And he couldn't do so with actions, so he'd settle for words. "Your pride is misplaced." Even he wasn't entirely sure what he was saying at this point. He wondered if the dream had been about the man above him, thinking that he was like the edge of a knife nobody would see coming. But another thought made its way to the forefront of his mind: what was the choir teacher's name again?

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Sin nearly broke out into a cackle, giggling at his words and pinching him playfully, "Win?" he repeated back to Angus, shaking his head slowly as he leaned in, "No you little shit" he whispered, "This isn't about winning, I couldn't give two fucks about winning. This is about proving a point." he looked nearly unhinged. This was a crime of passion - Sin clearly wasn't a very negotiable man.

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Angus squirmed at the pinch. He was clearly insane, and Angus wasn't sure it was safe to try anything. "Exactly. You want to prove a point — you want to win an argument. An unspoken one. But you won't succeed. Justice–" he coughed, throat dry from speaking too much. "Justice is just as good at lurking as evil." He closed his eyes, focusing, and his wrists and ankles became scaled. The straps had been on the verge of creating a rash — but his scales were tougher than skin, and would hopefully ease the discomfort a little. His acne was probably also present, but Angus didn't care. So long as he didn't transform more — so long as there was nothing the man could use against him that he hadn't done already. He wondered if he would try to rip the scales out. It would be ineffective on his hands or face — like biting nails too far, or scratching at acne — and though Angus doubted such a simple thing would be enough to satisfy the man it would perhaps limit the extent of whatever torture he carried out next.

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There was silence for a few moments as Sin stood and fumbled with his tools, thinking about what to do next.

"Mmm no this has nothing to do with all that bullshit. Funny thing is, Angus, I don't care about whether or not Defacto wins or Addermire wins or fuck - even the mundanes could win and I wouldn't give a smarmy column of steaming shit! This is personal babe" he yawned, stretching a bit and shrugging, "That mutt barked up the wrong fuckin tree" he grumbled, filling a syringe with something odd - a greenish liquid Cricket had concocted a while back.

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Angus sighed. Clearly his point had been completely missed. This was why he didn't speak cryptically. "Wasn't talking about that, but okay then." He looked over at what Sin was doing, and shuddered instinctively. "What mutt? What is that thing?" he asked, trying to distract himself from the sight of the syringe. His vision was tunnelling, his breath coming shorter, and his voice died in his throat almost before he could finish his sentence. Good old PTSD, coming in to ruin the day even more by preventing me from snarking.

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"This isn't justice" he remarked, "I'm just doing this because I'm an asshole" he shrugged, his tone far too casual. He set the syringe down, picking up the little bonecharm he'd found in Angus' pocket, "So what's this little trinket?" he suddenly asked.

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Angus shook his head, voice dying even more. He struggled against the restraints, trying to reach the charm. In his panic, he began to transform more, and the straps snapped from the strain. His wings began to emerge, and he tried to sit up — but a wave of dizziness caused him to crash to the floor. His throat opened up (possibly due to the distraction of falling over), and he managed to get out a strangled "give it back!" before the dizziness and the pain in his back had him gripping the side of the stretcher tightly. Angus closed his eyes, trying to steady his breathing, trying to get the transformation under control.

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"There we go" he snickered and grabbed the syringe, tossing the bone charm to the side as he pressed the needle directly into Angus' spine, (nsfw beyond this point) (view spoiler) Sin cocked his head to the side and rolled his shoulders, his brows lowered in resentment, "That looks painful, you should have it checked out"

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Angus would have screamed — but he couldn't move. He could only fall to the floor, the pain numbed slightly by the paralysis. The man had cut off his wings, completely. And as he slowly began to lose consciousness, he began to doubt whether he would come out of this alive. To outright cut off his wings — and to manipulate him in that way to get him to transform — this man was both immeasurably cruel and unnecessarily vicious. And at this point, Angus wasn't sure what he would prefer: death, or life without wings.

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Sin tugged him back up onto the bed, staring down at him and fixing his restraints, having laid him on his stomach. He calmly began stitching up the jagged wounds, humming quietly, "Ya see I'm not a bad guy, usually" he suddenly explained, "I don't usually go out of my way to be an asshole. Really, I mean it. But some situations require a certain amount of... moxie." he chuckled to himself, hands stained with Angus' blood. "But don't worry, I wont be taking anything else from you, I think I've made my message, loud and clear. I'll even give you back your dumb bonecharm. Didn't think Olive was into that superstitious bullshit. "The Void flows through everything blahblahblah" I don't know how you can deal with it" he rambled, carefully moving a needle and thread along, not seeming at all phased.

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Angus drifted back into consciousness towards the end of Sin's speech, the paralysis beginning to wear off. He opened his eyes and shifted slightly so that his chin propped him up. "At least he's not a sadistic scumbag who cuts off a fourteen-year-old's wings," he retorted. "At least he's not a monster." Angus closed his eyes again, ignoring the uncomfortableness of his position. He didn't dare try to escape — both because Sin was there, and because transforming with so severe an injury would be dangerous and potentially deadly. Not to mention that he would need to adjust to the difference in balance without his wings.

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Sin gasped and feigned surprise, blinking several times dramatically, "See now you're just being rude" he dumped alcohol over the wound, watching it bubble up and kill any of the bacteria that might have been present. There was no way this kid was moving. He stood up and fumbled through his pockets, taking out a little cookie in a plastic bag, "Are you hungry? Thirsty?" he offered casually, sitting back to enjoy his snack, even though his hands were stained pink with blood.

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Angus winced as the alcohol came in contact with his back. "Says you." He tilted his head to one side, giving his chin a rest, and opened his eyes to look at Sin. "No. Stop trying to act hospitable, it's not going to make you seem any nicer. You have blood on your hands, by the way." He should eat. But he couldn't bring himself to care all that much, still dulled by the shock that hadn't quite sunk in. He needed to sleep — but if he slept, he would dream, without the charm that lay discarded somewhere on the floor, and dream-filled sleep felt just as tiring as staying awake.

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Sin grinned as he held the cookie, tilting his head slowly and nodding, "I know" he said, taking another bite out of the baked treat as he sat back, "It's your loss then. They're damn good." he added, thinking for a moment, "Now I gotta drop you off somewhere... What if I just left you at their doorstep, would that be too extra?" he asked.

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"Why did you even kidnap me? If you want to get to someone, wouldn't it be better to kidnap someone they actually care about?" Angus mumbled, eyes half-closed. The fear and anger and bitterness had worn away, and now he was just tired. (Blood loss was possibly also a factor, given what had just happened)

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