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message 1: by Rossin (new)

Rossin Erbe | 3 comments I have a fairly advanced draft that is about 110k words, I'd like to swap a few chapters with someone, ideally in a similar genre, and then if we work well together hopefully more.

A description is below. If you're interested, comment or PM me. Thanks!

On the world of Alatar, there are beings from another world who hunt humans for the magic inherent in every person, which they harvest and use to increase their lifespan. These beings, the Toreil, live amongst human society, able to shift their shape and steal the faces of those they kill. The Toreil have kept this fact a secret for over a thousand years.

When Iliana, the commander of the King’s guard, discovers a death camp the Toreil have created and brings back news of their existence to the King, she sets in motion a chain of events that will embroil both peoples in a cycle of escalating conflict.

The story follows four extraordinary people as they begin to unravel the mystery of these strange beings and fight back against them: Iliana, who has power to read and shape the minds of others, Baern, an ex-soldier renowned for holding a mountain pass alone against an army, Lianne, a brilliant student of magic who robs banks to pay for tuition, and Saren, a man of the northern kingdom whose family was killed by one of the creatures and will do anything to get revenge.

message 2: by Rose (new)

Rose | 22 comments I’m interested. I have two potential stories to swap. A fantasy romance (116k) and a coming of age fantasy (140k). If you are interested in either I can give you a more detailed blurb.

message 3: by Rossin (new)

Rossin Erbe | 3 comments Rose, I'd be interested in hearing the details of either or both of those. Both are genres I'm interested in.

message 4: by Rossin (new)

Rossin Erbe | 3 comments Chase, that sounds like an interesting concept. Email me at if you want to swap a few chapters.

message 5: by Amy (new)

Amy Cobb | 7 comments I'm definitely interested, this sounds like a promising read! I have a sci-fi / another world novel which starts on earth and by book two pick up at the next world. I have included a very brief pitch below. If your interested, I can send you the first chapter. This latest draft is just over 100k.

The world sees Vita Mosconi as a dark and disturbed young woman tortured by her inner demons. If only the world knew how real those demons are.

When the last shred of normalcy in her life is savagely torn away and the creatures of her nightmares quicken the hunt there’s no other choice but to run.

The minute her feet hit the pavement she finds an unexpected ally in the devilishly sexy super-solider, Killian Black. He opens her eyes to the harsh reality of her new world and teaches her how to accept who she is meant to be. She finds a family she never knew existed, a rich culture filled with magic and a seat of royal power if she chooses.

Vita searched for a hero to save her from the darkness. The day has finally come; she has found the one and only person who can save them all.


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