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Wild Summer Rose
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Historical romance, hero is a French nobleman who has to marry for money and heroine is a tomboy sent to live with relatives. [s]

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Andie | 7 comments I read this book probably 20+ years ago and it wad older than too. It is set in England some time after the French revolution ibelieve. A young girl is sent to live with relatives after she causes some kind of scandal at home and they hope to refine her a little. Hero cousin hates her because she is beautiful and easy going and she invites several suitors to their country estate but she is only really interested in the French hero , who wants to marry her for her money so that he can rebuild his chateaux in France. He meets the heroine while she is in a fountain and is instantly attracted but stays away since he's pursuing the cousin. Heroine charms all of the suitors and makes friends with them, i remember them calling themselves the terrible triumvirate or something. Hero can't stay away and they end up falling n in love and meeting by the lake where they have sex. They get seperated somehow and the rest of the book is slightly fuzzy. I remember she ends up on her own in London and he has to track her down. This is driving me crazy, please help.

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Andie | 7 comments Ayshe wrote: "Wild Summer Rose by Amy Elizabeth Saunders maybe?"

Yes! That was driving me insane thank you.

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