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message 1: by Chase (last edited Aug 10, 2018 04:20PM) (new)

Chase Dost | 3 comments Title: The Prophet-Heretic
Blurb: Hanne knows what her future holds: to dedicate her life to the One, and seek to do him all glory. Yet heresies abound, and the War for the Faithful is far from over. When Hanne learns the truth of her bloodline, she must flee from the Faith she loves, or die at its hand.


This story is inspired by the European Wars of Religion that raged for more than a century in the aftermath of the Protestant Reformation. The world is fictional, but as in medieval and early modern Europe, the various religious groups play a key role in the socio-political landscape. On a large scale, The Prophet-Heretic is the tale of how this period of warfare finally ended—but it is, more importantly, a story about three young adults grappling with their religious trauma. It is about learning to let go, and finding healing in unexpected places. It is about a young girl falling out of love with the faith that never loved her.

The world includes LGBTQ individuals, people of color, and a general lack of sexism that hopefully comes off as refreshing instead of anachronistic. Fans of immersive medieval-type fantasy like The Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire will likely enjoy.

Status: Completed
Length: 115k

Happy to send the first three chapters for people looking to test the waters. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

message 2: by Dagmar (new)

Dagmar I'd be interested in seeing the first few chapters - I've never beta read before though, but would love to get started. I do have a Master's degree in English, so I have worked with literature and critique before. Also, I love high fantasy!

message 3: by Chase (new)

Chase Dost | 3 comments Dagmar -- thanks for your interest! I sent you a PM.

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