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message 1: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Butler Do you like mermaids? Do you like poetry? If you answered yes to either of these questions, check out my verse novel, The Mermarium!

The mermarium is a place where mermaids are exploited for entertainment and profit. This novel in verse tells of four connected stories of sisterhood, love, and the difficult choices of four mermaids who experience the mermarium in its evolution from neglectful aquarium to rehabilitating rescue center. The stories within are of mermaids who love men, mermaids who love mermaids, and mermaids who love freedom.

The Caged Creature Chronicles tell the stories of mythical beings trapped for the sake of human entertainment.

message 2: by Shamus (new)

Shamus Mosby (ShamusV) | 2 comments I began reading it last night, so far I am really enjoying it! I hope to finish tonight.

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