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Kelly_Hunsaker_reads ... | 894 comments 3 stars

When searching for a book to read set in Albania Kadare's name came up many times and though I was more interested in a few of his other novels this was the only one that my small town library had on its shelves, so this was the one. I wish it had been another as I found this book a bit dull and found the structure choppy and disconnected.

The book's narrator is an artist named Mark, but every other chapter is a "Counter Chapter" which are stories and legends that come into Mark's mind. I found it very easy to be kicked out of the story thanks to that structure.

The book is set after the fall of the Hoxha regime and Mark is an observer of the happenings. There is a great deal of confusion, rumors and the return of some old Albanian traditions, such as blood vendettas.

It should have been a story I loved due to the intriguing setting, fascinating history and Kundare's quality writing. But I left the book unsatisfied.

Diane | 1992 comments Rating: 3 stars

I've read about 5 of Kadare's books, and this is my least favorite. I did like the way he incorporates Albanian folklore and history into his stories (that is a common theme in his books). I actually enjoyed the folkloric counter chapters more than the contemporary story line, even though I felt that they interrupted, rather than enhanced, the book's plot. The history of Kanun and blood feuds is interesting, but I think he did a better job of illustrating this in Broken April.

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