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message 1: by NancyJ (new)

NancyJ (nancyjjj) | 536 comments Two million votes were cast so far for the PBS Great American Read. The top 40 favorite books (by North Americans) are (in alphabetical order):

A Prayer for Owen Meany
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
And Then There Were None
Anne of Green Gables
Atlas Shrugged
The Book Thief
The Catcher in the Rye
Charlotte's Web
The Chronicles of Narnia (Series)
The Clan of the Cave Bear
The Color Purple
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Da Vinci Code
Gone with the Wind
The Grapes of Wrath
Great Expectations
The Great Gatsby
The Handmaid's Tale
Harry Potter (Series)
The Help
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Hunger Games (Series)
Jane Eyre
The Little Prince
Little Women
Lonesome Dove
The Lord of the Rings (Series)
Outlander (Series)
The Outsiders
The Pillars of the Earth
Pride and Prejudice
The Stand
To Kill a Mockingbird
Where the Red Fern Grows
Wuthering Heights

Which books do you think will make the top 10?

There are 100 books on the GAR list. Surprisingly (ahem) Fifty Shades of Gray and the other books from this decade didn't make the top 40.

The oldest book is from 1813 - Pride and Prejudice
The newest book is from 2009- The Help

Did you vote yet? Americans and Canadians can vote on the official website, twitter, facebook. Americans can now text also.


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NancyJ (nancyjjj) | 536 comments The Count of Monte Cristo made the cut, but War and Peace did not.

School classics did well - To Kill a Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye, Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, 1984, etc.

Of the mega-best-selling YA series, Harry Potter and Hunger Games made the top 40, but Twilight didn't.

Both books by Bronte sisters made the list.

LOTR made the list, but Game of Thrones did not.

I'm most surprised that Atlas Shrugged made the cut. People were fighting about it on facebook last week. ("I love it, I hate it, don't be a fascist!")

Joanna Loves Reading (joannalovesreading) | 1117 comments Mod
I am surprised at some of these. I would have expected the Wizard of Oz to make it, for example, over some of these.

Top ten guess:
Harry Potter
Hunger Games
To Kill a Mockingbird
Pride and Prejudice
Lonesome Dove
Gone with the Wind
Grapes of Wrath
Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Help

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NancyJ (nancyjjj) | 536 comments Joanna Loves Reading wrote: "I am surprised at some of these. I would have expected the Wizard of Oz to make it, for example, over some of these.

Top ten guess:
Harry Potter
To Kill a Mockingbird
Pride and Pre..."

I like your list. I think most of them will be in the top 10 or at least the top 20. I'm not sure Tom Sawyer will make the top 10, though it's one of my personal favorites (I have very fond memories associated with it).

Are you voting for any of them? They added text voting in the US and it will be available in Canada too in a few weeks.

I think Lord of the Rings will also rank pretty high. I vowed to read the winner in November, and I was hoping NOT to have to read LOTR (I saw the movies). But people who know me are saying I might really appreciate the writing.

I didn't want to read Lonesome Dove either, but it won the poll, and it turned out to be amazing! I also fell in love all over again with A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I've been voting for it every day (along with Pride and Prejudice, Mockingbird and a few others).

I think the Outlander series might surprise everyone with a good showing. They have fan groups that are as loyal and active as some of the HP and HungerGames fans used to be.

I agree, it seems like Wizard of Oz should be on a list alongside Gone with the Wind . They're linked in my mind because the movies were both made in 1939 (which is a magical year in classic film). But to be honest, while I've seen the movie at least 20 times (it was an annual TV event when I was a kid), I never read the books.

Joanna Loves Reading (joannalovesreading) | 1117 comments Mod
NancyJ wrote: "Joanna Loves Reading wrote: "I am surprised at some of these. I would have expected the Wizard of Oz to make it, for example, over some of these.

Top ten guess:
Harry Potter
To Kill a Mockingbird..."

I think after picking the first 5 or 6 is easier than filling to ten. It's hard to imagine Mark Twain not being in that top ten, but I also don't know that Tom Sawyer is that strong of a candidate.

I LOVE Lonesome Dove. I read it when I was younger. My mom had a copy and it was (maybe, is still?) her favorite book. That with Gone With the Wind. Gus is such a great character, but there are many to love in addition. I don't really remember the sequel much, but I liked the prequel. I think Gus not being is a sequel made it less appealing to me. I have enjoyed every Larry McMurtry I have tried, but Lonesome Dove is great.

Yes, Outlander especially with the tv series may make it high. I don't know. I read the first one and feel like it's way over-rated, and that is a story right my alley. I do think HP and Hunger Games pretty much worth the hype and am glad that they are popular choices.

Wizard of Oz has many adaptations and spinoffs, which suggests it's enduring. Take Wicked for Example. My opinion may be skewed, because I am from Kansas. If I leave the state, guess what people ask me? ;-) The books are enjoyable. There's a lot of them. I have listened to several in Librovox, but I think there must be some more professional versions out there.

Gone with the Wind is great, but it sort of surprises that it endures. I haven't read in a long time, but I feel like it may seem dated now.

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