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message 1: by Jocelyn (new)

Jocelyn I finally finished this novel and I must say I am glad Nettie and Celie reunited. After so much time and distance it was good to hear that they are now living together in the house their parents left them. Although Celie was very sad that Shug fell in love and moved on with her life she was glad she was improving her life as well. Celie started a pants business which kept her busy and Nettie was raising and adopting kids and educating them to prepare them for what the future holds. I was very surprised to see that Celie did not hate Albert after all the cruel things he did to her. I am very impressed with the individuals Celie and Nettie have become because they both have outgrown their past and have learned to live again. Thier lives have completely changed but now have each other to share their memories. Walker did a great job in describing the challenges they both faced and the different lifestyles they had.

message 2: by Jim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jim Swike I agree, the author did an amazing job of telling the story of how these two sisters believed they would see each other again and eventually their dream came true.

message 3: by Nazi (new) - added it

Nazi Hey guys can anybody help me? Is there a novel with the same plot as The Color Purple ? I need to write a paper on it. The plots should be similar.

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