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message 1: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 4241 comments Mod
Greetings Readers!

How is everyone enjoying the month of August?

What are you reading? What is next?

Enjoy the day and I look forward to being inspired by your reading as I try to end my book drought!

message 2: by Story (last edited Aug 10, 2018 04:36AM) (new)

Story (storyheart) Susan, book droughts are the worst. Have you tried switching genre? I sometimes find that switching to non-fiction or essays can help cleanse the literary palate.

My own 2 month drought seems to be ending as I was able to finish re-listening to White Teeth and reading Aminatta Forna's Happiness..both five star reads for me. Forna is new to me...has anyone read anything else by her?

Now I'm reading an ARC of A Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne and finding it just okay. The writing is good but the plot is quite predictable.

I'm also reading an some speculative eco-fiction narrated by a a 3.8 billion year old creature and finding it quite fascinating. If you're interested in eco-fiction, you might want to take a look at Downdrift.

Happy week to all.

Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ (allisonhikesthebookwoods) | 2039 comments I feel you on the reading slump @Susan. Maybe I'm experiencing burnout from reading so many books in June and July because I just can't focus to read right now. I am making my way through some audiobooks, but even my appetite for that format has waned.

I finally finished Stay with Me, which is an emotional book, but I struggled a little with the Nigerian accents in the audiobook. I also listened to And the Birds Rained Down, which was the gentle listen that I needed, but it was too short! I've just begun I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer. True crime isn't a genre I usually enjoy, but it's fascinating how the story continued to unfold after the book's publication.

message 4: by Susan (new)

Susan | 929 comments Reading slumps are the worst. Summer always seems to be a weird time for reading and I find that award season usually pulls me out of it and gets me focused again. I'm reading a page-turner at the moment as a palate cleanser and then it's on to some Booker nominees!

This week I finished Little Sister Death, which I really enjoyed. I'm looking forward to reading more by this author. I also finished Atticus Finch: The Biography. I possibly should have abandoned this book, as I found it quite disillusioning. Atticus was modelled on Harper Lee's father, but he didn't strike me as all that great. I learned three things from this book: My image of Atticus Finch may have more to do with Gregory Peck than the actual book (I probably need to reread Mockingbird). I will never read Go Set a Watchman. I will never understand conservative white Southerners and I need to just accept that and get on with my life. :-)

I'm currently reading Give Me Your Hand. I love Megan Abbott's books, even though they've become a bit formulaic and I can now see the plot twists coming. I'm also reading The World As It Is: Inside the Obama White House, which is very good so far.

message 5: by Elinor (new)

Elinor | 278 comments If you have ever wanted to own a bookstore, the most darling bookshop here on Vancouver Island is for sale. It's still operating successfully due to the huge number of loyal readers in this community, but the owners are ready to retire. How I wish I could talk my husband into it! The name of the bookstore is Mulberry Bush Book Store with two locations, one in Qualicum Beach (operated by Tom Pope) and one in neighbouring Parksville (operated by his wife Barb). It will be a sad loss if they have to shut down!

message 6: by Barbara (new)

Barbara McEwen (babsbookobsession) | 233 comments Oh wow Elinor, that is a dream come true to own an established bookshop out there. Sadly, I don't think I could convince my husband into it either. Ok, someone else go do it for 10 years and then retire and then I will come out and take over, lol!

message 7: by Story (new)

Story (storyheart) I know and love those two bookstores...sure hope they find a buyer!

message 8: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 4241 comments Mod
@Elinor -that would be such a cool business to own!!

I have had a quiet reading week. I did finish The Sickness which is our September book choice with a Venezuelan theme. One of our members is from Venezuela so I look forward to hearing more about her country.

I am almost finished listening to People of the Book which I am enjoying but is making me reflect on the horrible treatment of others that has taken place in history (and sadly still happens).

I am looking at my piles of TBR and not feeling particularly motivated to pick up a new book...

Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ (allisonhikesthebookwoods) | 2039 comments I haven’t read that one @Susan, but I’ve read a couple by Geraldine Brooks and I really enjoy her style. And it’s impossible to finish without learning about the period in history she is writing about!

message 10: by ✿✿✿May (new)

✿✿✿May  | 989 comments Happy Saturday everyone! It's been a super busy week at work, as I wore multiple hats while some of my colleagues were away. Thank goodness it was a short week!
I finished The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper for my in-person book club and Caught in Time. Currently reading Number One Chinese Restaurant which is just meh for me.

I am so sorry to hear about your reading drought @Susan. Hope you find something great to read real soon!

message 11: by Petra (new)

Petra | 836 comments Good morning! Wishing everyone a great weekend. Today is delightfully cool and I will be getting out in the garden to do a bit of weeding this afternoon when the shopping is done.

I didn't start either of the James Baldwin books I intended on starting. Perhaps this coming week?

I did finish Maids of Misfortune, which was kind of "meh". It was a light, cheesy murder mystery that went off the rails at the end. Despite being set in Victorian San Francisco, most of the setting is inside houses, so we don't see or hear about the city at that time.

I started reading Molloy for another group read. It's bizarre. I'm about 3/4 the way through it. It's interesting; just weird.

I finished The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. and loved it. It's light, funny and the science rings true, no matter how improbable. This was a fun story.

message 12: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 4241 comments Mod
Check this out, a book Underground Railroad:

message 13: by Susan (new)

Susan | 929 comments That is amazing!

message 14: by Shelagh (new)

Shelagh Meagher (shelaghmeagher) | 21 comments I've been pathetic at contributing to this crowd - too many things on the go. But I wanted to share that on Saturday I had the good fortune to hear Michael Ondaatje read from his new work Warlight. He came to Port Medway's reading series, which is held in an old Quaker meeting house with food afterward served in the local firehall down the road. Many crustless sandwiches made by community volunteers. A tiny event in a tiny place, punching well above its weight! Michael's book sounded fascinating but better still, he was incredibly accessible and unpretentious in his answering of questions after. Funny and warm. So unexpected in the winner of the 'Booker of Bookers'.
Port Medway is on the south shore of Nova Scotia.

message 15: by Shannon (new)

Shannon White | 288 comments That sounds like a lovely event in a fantastic venue. Sweet!

message 16: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 4241 comments Mod
That is awesome @Shelagh! I missed seeing him in Toronto this spring and regret it. I have met his wife, Linda Spalding at a book event but hoping to meet him someday! I just reread The English Patient and enjoyed Warlight. They are slowly paced yet teach readers bits about history that might not be well known.

message 17: by Shelagh (new)

Shelagh Meagher (shelaghmeagher) | 21 comments ❀ Susan wrote: "That is awesome @Shelagh! I missed seeing him in Toronto this spring and regret it. I have met his wife, Linda Spalding at a book event but hoping to meet him someday! I just reread The English Pat..."
I'll be diving into both of those soon, too. Been a slow reading summer - these months are when I do everything else but that!

message 18: by Alan (new)

Alan | 626 comments Petra-there is a new film coming out on a Baldwin book this fall by the director of Moonlight. I think it's Goodbye to Beale Street-about a preacher. I find Baldwin so fascinating and so tragic-he had such a hard life but so much rage and anger.

Susan-is my reading drought spilling over onto yours? I've had a reading drought year. I did finish a wonderful graphic novel by Seth
which I really wasn't interested in reading but it was fantastic-Clyde Fans-very very sweet and very moving.
I'm hoping to begin tonight Timothy Findley's The Piano Man's
Daughter-someone here a fan of it? My reading has just been the pits-I so badly want to start reading more frequently and putting
away the damn tablet at night! So little time-so much to read.
And if labour day is just around the corner-can we far from the
Giller's longlist?!!!

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