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Andrea Martin The book Autumn Falls a fiction story is about this new girl called Autumn Falls, she has red hair is kind but can be pretty clumsy at times. When she moves to another state and starts as the new girl in her new high school. She meets some new real friends that have her back. She starts to like this guy, Sean, he's sweet and kind. Autumn then finds out that Sean hangs out with the mean crowd of people. Now her crush for him is something she is trying to figure out because she doesn't know what she will do about this problem. Another thing about Autumn is that she has this journal that belonged to her long father but ever since she has started to write things in it they have come true and she is trying to find out what is going on. Overall I would say this book is a very entertaining and captivating book I would highly recommend you read this book.

SusanCope I loved how Autumn grows into a more thoughtful, considerate friend through her experiences at the new school.

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