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Rolla Public Library (rollapubliclibrary) | 515 comments Mod
1. Franny and Charles have been friends for a long time. How does their close relationship affect other people on vacation with them?

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Cheryl  (cherylllr) (I'm about halfway, trying to determine whether to continue. Is anyone else reading?)

Effectively Franny and Charles are having an affair... it's just an emotional one, though. Their respective husbands seem to feel that it doesn't count, and that therefore they should just behave as if it doesn't bother them. Surely it does, though, no? If you can't share your feelings with your spouse, do you have a healthy marriage?

And if you don't have a healthy marriage, should you (Franny & Jim) stay together after an actual physical affair; should you (Lawrence & Charles) be adopting an innocent baby and committing the rest of your life (or at the very least 18 years) to it?

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