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message 1: by Gray (new)

Gray Holborn | 2 comments Hi All!

I could really use some help making sure my blurb paints a vague but enticing intro into my novel. I'm marketing it as YA/NA Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance. Thanks in advance for any and all advice!!

Odessa Black: college student, grilled cheese aficionado, best friends with an overgrown jungle-cat, and officially screwed.

In Odessa’s world, supernaturals are divided into two categories: energy feeders and energy manipulators. They exist among humans, but mostly stick to their realm in the Veil. Or at least they use to.

While Odessa has no power herself, beyond the unexplainable and seemingly useless ability to identify others who do, she lives happily and chaotically with a panther-shifter and a persuasion-manipulator who are perfectly fine with existing on the fringe of their world. More than happy with her outsider glimpse into the life of the Veil, Odessa wants nothing more than to hangout with her friends, finish her degree, and figure out what exactly she wants to do with the rest of her life.

But her plans are disrupted by the arrival of several new supes in town who seem hell-bent on turning everything in her life upside down. Between Jax, the irresistible seduction-feeder who has no interest in leaving her alone and Soren, the surly supe who wants nothing more than to push her away, Odessa’s ties to everything she thought she knew are challenged. As she gets dragged further into the world of supes than she ever wanted to go, she discovers that the people she surrounded herself with aren’t exactly who she thought they were

message 2: by M.L. (last edited Aug 10, 2018 09:08AM) (new)

M.L. | 1122 comments I like the blurb. Since it's urban you might try emphasizing the city since that's important for the genre, and maybe reword it so the romance is more upfront. Not to make it longer, but more in the way of swapping out some of the paranormal references since there are quite a few. You don't need to squeeze every paranormal aspect into it.

message 3: by Gray (new)

Gray Holborn | 2 comments Thanks, M.L.! Will work on fronting those aspects of the genre :)

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