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message 1: by Amara, Group Creator (new)

Amara Tanith (aftanith) | 733 comments We're into August now, and our theme for the month is Victorian Mysteries, as requested by Felicia.

You may interpret this theme as you see fit. Mysteries either written during or set in the Victorian era count for this theme; they need not actually be set in a locale that experienced Victorian culture. Any mystery written or taking place between 20 June 1837 and 22 January 1901 is well within the bounds of this one.

If you absolutely cannot find a Victorian Mystery that you'd like to read, feel free to go with an adjacent era, such as Regency Mysteries or Edwardian Mysteries, or to read a Victorian book in a Mystery-adjacent genre such as thrillers, true crime, etc.

Remember that once you've finished your book(s) for the month, you're always welcome to start a discussion topic (which works best if there are others in the group who have read or are currently reading the book in question) or post your thoughts (or just drop a link to your review!) in the thread below.

As previously stated, 2018 will be the final year of Read by Theme. (You can read more about that in April's thread.) There will be no further group polls to determine our themes; the rest of the year's themes are to be nominated by the remaining active members. The list of upcoming themes is as follows:

nothing here; suggest something!

We currently have chosen no theme for the months of September, October, November, and December. Anyone who wishes to request a theme for the remaining months may do so in the thread below. If there's something you want to see, make sure to speak up while you have the chance! If nobody suggests anything by the end of August, I'll go ahead and pick something for September.

message 2: by Tara (new)

Tara | 35 comments Theme recommendation: reimagined classics. My book club read Cinder recently and ended up reading the entire series.

message 3: by Anne (new)

Anne | 68 comments i will be reading Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier, although it is possible set in the 1820's and described as a gothic novel. However it is close enough to Victorian, one I have read before more than once, but not for some time.

Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier

message 4: by Amara, Group Creator (new)

Amara Tanith (aftanith) | 733 comments Thanks for the theme rec, Tara! We'll do reimagined classics in September. If anyone has any more recommendations, feel free to share in the thread below; October, November, and December still need themes!

message 5: by Felicia (new)

Felicia (flux336) | 41 comments I'm going to try once again to read and finish The Devil in the White City Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America by Erik Larson

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