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Sweet Little Lies (Sweet, #2)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult romance - Typical rich boy poor girl but with a custody battle and unwanted pregnancy (spoilers ahead) [s]

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Laura Billing | 7 comments Read this book recently but completely forgot to write down the details. I'm on meds that mess with my memory so please bear with me.
Set in USA and modern times.
So a girl ends up staying in a rich guys apartment (can't remember why) and he owns the apartment block. It's an older property which he has split into about 3 or 4 flats, his (and hers) being the top flat. He has a weird relationship with his step-sister who slept together once and she wants to be more I believe but he throws her out (apartment block tenants are happy about this as she was not very nice). He also (unknowingly to the girl) is being set up by his mother to marry some other girl.
So they're living together and start to fall in love. Meanwhile the dude is trying to get a paternity test for his (much younger) half brother who he may be the father of. His (and his 'brother's) father is abusive and he wants to try and get custody if the boy is his to save him from his father.
Turns out the boys is his and he begins a custody battle with his abusive and rich father. (Who it turns out is also not his father, both his wives cheated on him and produced illegitimate children, but lied about it) At the same time, the girl finds out she's pregnant but doesn't tell him. During a conversation between the lovers he mentions something along the lines of "Glad we're not having a child" due to all the stress this custody battle is causing him. This upsets the girl and she leaves him one day, trying to get away. She lives in her car for a few days then someone finds her and comes to get her and take her home and they live happily ever after.

So, now onto some things which I am unsure about. I think the brother/son is called Winston/Wilson/Wesley type name. I think it's set around North or South Carolina (I am English so my USA geography is pretty bad.) and I have a funny feeling this might actually be the second in the series (as I mentioned, meds affecting my memory) and the first part she works for a woman who's very rich as a house maid. Her sister has down syndrome and she needs money to pay for her care in a home. Her mother has just died. The rich woman's son falls in love with her, but before their relationship can get too far, the rich woman explains that the reason she hired the girl is because she is her aunt (sister of the girls dead mother) and is actually the mother of the girl's sister with down syndrome who she gave away at birth to her sister (the girls mother). This makes the couple cousins and so she moves out and is offered a place with the guy mentioned above who is friends with her cousin/ex lover.
Now this may seem really weird and stuff, but in the book it was written better. The other reason I want to find this book is because there was a passage in there about down syndrome I wanted to research for personal reasons. I know this description is weird and long and confusing, but please help me.

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Laura, I'm not sure that your description has spoilers in it, so I've changed the header for you.

I have no idea what your book is, but you did a fairly good job of describing what you remember.

Now for a question--you said that your knowledge of U.S. geography isn't good, so why do you think it was set in one of the Carolinas? Was it set in the South? On the coast or in the mountains? Both states have coastal and mountainous areas.

Laura Billing | 7 comments Ann aka Iftcan wrote: "Laura, I'm not sure that your description has spoilers in it, so I've changed the header for you.

I have no idea what your book is, but you did a fairly good job of describing what you remember.


Hello, thank you, I just remember when the girl runs away that she's headed to one of the Carolinas, I think South Carolina but then when her friend finds her he takes over driving and she falls asleep. When she wakes up she realises he's taking her to North Carolina, headed back home or something like that. I can't remember 100% but it's mentioned by name.

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Laura Billing | 7 comments Ayshe wrote: "Is it Sweet Little Lies?"
Hello, sorry for the late reply, forgot my password like an idiot. You're right, thank you! How do I close this discussion or put it as solved?

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