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mega uwu

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Kaito" Kai "Male

18homosexualtheme songBlackridge/White Fang Member

APPEARANCE kai has soft locks of charcoal hair. His hair is curly-ish and slightly past chin length. Sometimes he ties his hair back into a pony tail when he's planning something, or when it's hot out. His eyes are a unique shade of blue and grey. Kai hates them, because he's always told that he has his mother's eyes. Kai has a slim and athletic build, that can usually be seen through his choice of clothing.

❝'Cause it's my problem
if I want to pack up and run away. It's my business if I feel the need to smoke and drink and swear, It's my problem, it's my problem
If I feel the need to hide and it's my problem if I have no friends
And feel I want to die ❞

PERSONALITY kai is very fiery and hotheaded. He is temperamental and angry. Kai is stubborn and sarcastic. He swears when frustrated, which is literally always. Kai's real emotions are guarded by a wall of sarcasm, anger and swearing. From a young age, he learned that no one truly cares about you. They may seem to, but in reality; they don't give a damn. He so desperately want's to open up to someone.

FACTS kai is very lonely; Kai loves cats; Kai is very, very skilled with weapons

HISTORY kai never knew his parents. He never knew the warmth of family. He never knew what it felt like to have someone who is proud of you, and who supports him. Instead, he has the white fang. They took him in, but he was treated as a nuisance from day one. He was forced to do most of the work. When he was old enough, they trained him for battle, and for murder. Kai never wanted any of that. He just wanted a normal childhood. When the high king fell, Kai knew he would never be able to leave the white fang. Ever since then, he has become angrier, realizing he has no future. Kai continues to do their bidding, in hopes that one day he will be able to leave.

ABILITIES kai has enhanced speed, sight, hearing and strength.

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Wren Porter" Wren "Female

23Bisexualtheme songBlackridge/ Royal Doctor

Wren is a young woman around the age of 23. She has striking shiny black hair that is chopped off right above her shoulders, near her chin. Her eyes are a dark violet shade, despite this, she is a normal human. She has long and dark eyelashes framing her doll eyes. Wren is pretty pale, although it holds a healthy glow. Wren is very tall, and has a fit build. Wren typically wears a white blouse with a black skirt, black stockings and high heeled shoes.

❝ If crazy equals genius

Then I'm a fucking arsonist (hey)
I'm a rocket scientist (hey hey)❞

Wren is a very prideful woman. She is strong and kind. Yet also very rude and scary. Wren believes that human life is special, and isn't afraid to hurt someone if they think otherwise. She appears to be very graceful and ladylike, someone who would never get into any fights. Wren is very passive aggressive as well. She goes through stages of it every day, it's usually worse in the morning when she is the most stressed.

wren does have an ability, healing. she cannot actually raise the dead though.; Wren is very loyal; she loves animals
Wren doesn't talk much about her past. Her family was very poor, living off the streets. One day, they were caught stealing and taken to the dungeons. Wren hasn't seen them since. After weeks of living on her own, she was taken in by the previous royal doctor, who became the only father figure in her life. He introduced her to medicine and other things, and she discovered her passion for it. A few years after that, Wren discovered her healing ability. She would help minorly wounded people who came in. Wren never thought she would end up taking the royal doctor's place when he retired. Wren was 19, which is very young, but she obviously had a talent for healing. About two years after she took the position, the previous doctor passed in his sleep. Wren was distraught and wished she could have done something to save him. She vowed to never let another person die.
Wren is rumored to be able to raise the dead, or maybe she is just an expert healer. No one knows if this is true though, except Wren maybe.

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Asra Rei" Asra "Male

25pansexualtheme songedinburgh/tarot reader\traveling healer


asra has soft tufts of snow white hair that lie on his head like a mop. His hair is always messy and unkempt. Meg sometimes puts flowers or clips into his hair. Asra's eyes are a violet shade mixed with a light grey. He has short, dark eyelashes to frame his almond eyes. Asra has a very tan skin tone, due to all the sun exposure he has had. Unlike his sister, who never leaves their shop. Asra is very tall, with a lean, semi muscular figure that is partially hidden due to his choice of clothing.

behind my smile is something you'll never understand

PERSONALITY asra is generally a very kind and bubbly individual. He is friendly to everyone, and always tries to help everyone as best as he can. Asra is a traveling healer, and also reads tarot cards with his arcana deck. He has a fondness for animals, especially snakes. On the outside, Asra appears very happy, but on the inside, he is full of hatred and anger.

FACTS asra has a pet snake named ki, he is still so angry with his sister but he can't bring himself to hate her.

HISTORY asra was born into a family of tarot readers and psychics. His mother and father owned a shop in the town square of Edinburgh. They lived in the space above the building, where Asra spent most of his childhood. When Asra was five years old, his mother had a daughter. Asra's mother died in childbirth, which caused Asra to despise her.
Many years passed, and Asra began to hate his sister less and less as she grew older. Asra taught her how to use the cards and read people's fortunes, using the crystal ball and such. When Asra was twenty, and his sister was fifteen, their father passed away. Asra closed down the shop and left with his sister, traveling around Ionia. Once his sister was of age, she took over the shop. Asra checks in on her from time to time
asra has no magical abilities. He is very good at potion making and herbal remedies.

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Naoki Koji" Nao/ Koji "Male

18; immortalpansexualtheme songnorthstar/rebellion commander

APPEARANCE naoki has soft locks of chocolate brown hair. His hair is slightly long, although it is thick and somewhat wavy so it appears much shorter than it actually is. His eyes are the same shade of chocolate brown, matching his hair. He has long eyelashes to frame his sad almond eyes. Naoki has light skin, littered with many gruesome scars. He is quite tall, with a lean and somewhat muscular build. Naoki wears lots of bandages on his arms and neck. Underneath those bandages are many, many scars. He wears somewhat formal attire, along with his favorite trench coat.

❝Now I have neither happiness nor unhappiness.

Everything passes.

That is the one and only thing that I have thought resembled a truth in the society of human beings where I have dwelled up to now as in a burning hell.

Everything passes.❞

naoki is a very interesting man. He is very lazy and unmotivated, yet also very driven and witty. Naoki likes to lock all of his pain away and use humor as a coping mechanism. A huge chunk of himself is missing and that makes Naoki want to stop living. He again, hides all of his suicidal tendencies behind a wall of humor. Naoki feels like he isn't worth living, because of all the bad stuff he's done. Even though he left the white fang, he feels like nothing could make up for all the people that he hurt.

FACTS naoki was originally a highly ranked member of the white fang; Naoki lies when he says he's more attracted to women

naoki's childhood was one of hatred and cruelty. His mother died during childbirth and his father was disgusted that Naoki shared his ability. He believed Naoki was the cause of his mother's death, so he resented him for years. Naoki was bullied and abused, until one fateful day when he was given an opportunity to escape all of the torment. Naoki had met a member of the white fang, someone who would become his best friend until his untimely demise four years later. Naoki grew evil and power hungry. He hurt people, so many people. Naoki even killed his father. One day, when Naoki and his friend were on a mission, His friend was fatally wounded. He died in Naoki's trembling arms. His last wishes were for Naoki to leave, to stop hurting people. Of course, Naoki obeyed. He changed his ways, despite how difficult it was. After a few weeks, Naoki realized nothing could fill the void that he so desperately tried to fill. He began to realize that he was worthless, he didn't deserve to live anymore. After a few months of pain, he was accepted into a group of people, a rebellion, who became family to him. They tried to help him as best as they could, but alas; Naoki wouldn't listen.
naoki can nullify the abilities of others. He can take away their abilities for short periods of time, and return them whenever he wishes. Minor abilities also have no effect on him.

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Hajime" salty "male

20uuuuh ??theme songedinburgh/hired assassin

hajime has almost shoulder length, midnight black hair. The tips of his hair are slowly turning into a snow white-ish shade. Hajime's eyes are sad and dull, filled to the brim with hatred. His eye color is difficult to describe, it's a light blue shade mixed with gray; often described as dishwater. He has very heavy bags underneath his eyes due to lack of sleep. Hajime has very pale skin, and a somewhat sickly appearance. He isn't super tall, standing at about 5'7.

Can’t stop me now, can’t stop me now. Geudaereul darmeun bom hyanggiga ajik chaneyo. Can’t stop me now, can’t stop me now. Naneun meomchul su eomneyo, I can’t stop loving you.

hajime is very blunt and short tempered. He believes that the weak should die, and the strong shall prosper. Hajime is incredibly fierce and loyal to those that he cares about. Hajime shows affection through rude actions, because he honestly doesn’t know how to be nice to people. He is very salty most of time time, mainly because he has no eyebrows.

FACTS hajime has a sister; hajime is sensitive about his eyebrows

hajime was born into the white fang with his twin sister. Their parents were generals at the time, but went missing a few years after they were born. A few years after they’re parents went missing, Hajime got sick. Very, very sick. He eventually got somewhat better, but physical activity caused him great pain. If it gets too bad, he coughs up blood. Hajime began going on little, was missions while he was recovering. Hajime never fully recovered though. When Hajime and his sister turned eighteen, she left for some reason that Hajime couldn’t understand. Hajime remaibs with the white fang to this day.

ABILITIES Hajime can control shadows.

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Dylan James" Dylan "female

25homosexualtheme songblackridge/white fang

in many cases, Dylan is mistaken for a male. Dylan has short, choppy black hair that is always styled in some manner. Her eyes are a cold, steely grey color that are somewhat intimidating. She has pale complexion with hardly any blemishes, aside from the many scars on her body. Dylan is around 5'8, and has a slim build. She normally wears dark clothing that makes it easy for her to move around in. Dylan has lots of piercings in her ears, and one tattoo on her shoulderblade.

❝Don't be cautious, don't be kind
You committed, I'm your crime
Push my button anytime
You got your finger on the trigger, but your trigger finger's mine❞

dylan is very rebellious. She hardly listens to anything anyone says, except for Claire. She gets very jealous, very easily. Dylan is very intimidating and very brave. She isn't afraid to jump into any situation, especially if it is dangerous. On the inside, Dylan is very caring, although she hates showing it. This is surprising, but Dylan can get flustered very easily. Dylan uses foul language a lot, but she knows when to stop so she doesn't go overboard. Dylan is very loyal and would give her life if it meant saving someone else's. She is incredibly loyal to the White Fang as well.

FACTS at first glance, Dylan is often mistaken for a male; Dylan gets very jealous

dylan's family was very rich. Her family served the King and Queen of Blackridge directly, until their untimely demise when Dylan was 10. Dylan grew up in a place where no one cared about her, or what she did. She lived at an Orphanage until she was old enough to live on her own, simply because no one wanted her. She got into lots of fights as a child, which gave her a bad reputation. Many people were scared of her, and Dylan took advantage of that. When Dylan was old enough, she joined the White Fang, which was something she dreamed about doing since she was young. Dylan cut her hair and changed everything else about herself after joining. She quickly moved up the ranks, but many of the members were iffy about her.
dylan is incredibly skilled in hand to hand combat. She was tought how to take down someone three times her size at a very young age. Dylan can also use various weapons, but she prefers her fists.

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Ryunosuke Akira" Ryo "male

24pansexualtheme songformerly falkhaven/criminal

ryo is an interesting young man. He appears to be somewhere around 17-19, but is in fact 24 years old. Ryo has a thick mop of platinum blond hair that hangs messily over his eyes. Ryo's hair is very soft, and fun to play with. Ryo's eyes are a messy mixture of blue and gray, that could only be called dishwater. He has short eyelashes that frame his almond shaped eyes. Ryo has an ashen skin tone, pale, but not porcelain. He has many, many, many, many scars on his body. It's interesting how he hasn't died yet. Ryo is fairly tall, standing at about 5'11. He is lean with slight muscle.

❝There's no escape
I can't wait❞

ryo is an uncontrollable firey mess. He is impulsive, never thinking before he does anything. Ryo runs into everything head-on, not thinking about what might happen. Ryo is very hard to read. You can never truly tell what he might be thinking. He is incredibly brave, and never appears to be scared of anything. Ryo is very protective of the people that he cares for, which isn't many. Ryo is all around salty. He is kind of a jerk, who hardly ever gets flustered, and doesn't care for helping people.

FACTS the only person ryo cares about is Sophie; ryo hates his family

ryo was born into a family of nobles who worked directly under the high king. From birth, it was decided that Ryo would become one of the king's personal and most trusted guards. Of course, Ryo had no say in any of it, so naturally; Ryo's childhood was pretty shitty. He had little to no freedom whatsoever. Once Ryo was old enough to serve, he was quickly ushered into it by his parents. Ryo ended up being very good at his job, and he ended up making some friends along the way. Of course, when the High King was murdered, everyone thought that it was their fault, so Ryo needed to escape. He tried going to his family, but they tossed him aside like a worthless piece of trash. Ryo had nowhere to go, so he tried hiding in the dark forest. Unfortunately for Ryo, the guards had been following him. He was saved by a mysterious girl named Sophie, who Ryo later became infatuated with. Ryo was able to escape with the help of Sophie, and now he tries his best to stay hidden.
Ryo has weak telekinetic abilities. He hardly ever uses it, so it remains almost powerless.

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Usagi" Buni "female

25pansexualtheme songfalkhaven/prisoner

buni doesn't appear dangerous. She doesn't appear to be a mass murderer either. But she is. Buni is a very intimidating woman with a slightly short stature. Buni has a curvaceous build, which is why she wears lots of tight-fitting clothing. She stands at about 5'5, and weighs 126 pounds. Buni carries herself with poise and dignity, never slouching ever. She is a very pale woman, with an ashen skin tone. Buni has a heart-shaped face, which is framed by her hair. She has very light, pink-ish rose almond-shaped eyes, framed with ridiculously long eyelashes. Buni has small lips with an accentuated cupids bow. She usually slathers her lips in either a dark red or black shade. Her nose is small and thin, also very pointed. Her cheekbones aren't very defined, but she has a very sharp jawline that could probably cut butter. She has many scars that litter her body, but the most prominent is a burn scar in the middle of her chest. Buni's hair is very long, and very dark. Her hair is very soft and silky, even in prison; she manages to keep it neat. Buni's voice is low with a slight accent to it. She curses a lot, but is trying to stop.

❝Are you insane like me?
Been in pain like me?
Bought a hundred dollar bottle of champagne like me?
Just to pour that motherfucker down the drain like me?
Would you use your water bill to dry the stain like me?❞

Overall, Buni is a huge binch. She is cruel towards everyone and hates most people. Buni despises everyone, and can't bring herself to trust anyone anymore. Despite (technically) still being a member of the White Fang, Buni hates them as well. Buni used to be very sassy and sarcastic until the 'incident happened'. Buni feels no affection towards anyone anymore. The only thing she feels is anger. Anger towards Ionia.

FACTS buni's name is pronounced like "Bunny";Buni has special handcuffs that prevent her from using her ability.

buni was born into the white fang. Her mother and father were members, although her mother was higher ranked than her father. Buni learned of her abilities at a very young age. When she was 7, she was allowed to go on very minor missions with her father, which eventually sparked her need to stay in the White Fang after her parents retired. Buni climbed the ranks due to her many years in the White Fang. She was feared by all of the lower members, and that brought joy to Buni. Buni was doing very well, although she had one rule. Don't get close to anyone. People hurt people, and Buni was doing just fine until he came along. Buni didn't show affection, but she had fallen hard for him until he betrayed her. He had gotten her imprisoned in Darkwater, Ionia's high security prison. She is currently locked up in maximum security.
buni has the ability to manipulate her own blood, and the blood of others. She can't die from blood loss, and her body heals wounds very quickly.

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Erieth Summers" Eri "female

19pansexualtheme songedinburgh/none

APPEARANCE Like the sun, Erieth's hair shines with the brilliance of gold. Her hair is long and thick, always perfectly groomed, never a single hair out of place. Her eyes, a crystal blue, shining and captivating, crystal pools of hope and happiness. Luring everyone to her gaze. Her eyelashes are long and dark and framing her doll eyes gorgeously. Erieth's skin is somewhat tanned, due to all the hours she spends outside. Erieth is tall, standing at 5'9. She is thin and slender.

❝And all the people say
You can't wake up, this is not a dream
You're part of a machine, you are not a human being
With your face all made up, living on a screen
Low on self-esteem, so you run on gasoline❞

Erieth is just as kind, as she is beautiful. She is modest and elegant, kind and poised, spirited and hopeful. Erieth hardly thinks of herself, more for the well being of others. Erieth is very brave, and as stated before, she is very modest. She cares naught for herself, but for the well being and safety of others. This is all very true, but Erieth has another side to her. A dark, awful side. In an instant, she can snap. Erieth turns into an incredibly cruel, selfish monster.

FACTS erieth often snaps when she is enraged; eireth loves dogs; eireth cares very much for her family

Erieth was born into a family of rich nobles. She was pampered from birth, until everything went to shit. When Erieth was 5 years old, her home burnt down in a fire that killed everyone but Erieth. Erieth never had a family after that. She doesn't remember much of her childhood, due to her brain blocking out the bad memories. When Erieth was 15, she was able to escape the orphanage and began living in a small cottage in Edinburgh. She was able to work at a farm to earn money and food. Erieth remains there today.
Erieth doesn't look like it, but the girl can pack a punch like no other.

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Lana Sheridan" lana "female

26bisexualtheme songfalkhaven/memory stealer

lana appears to be a somewhat petite-shy girl. Lana has long curly locks of honey blonde hair. She typically lets her hair down during the day, pinning it up at night. Lana's eyes are cold and empty, and the color is a dull grey. She has long eyelashes that frame her doll eyes. Lana has a petite button nose, with a small scar going across the bridge. She has a heart shaped face with a sharp jawline. Lana is tall and slender with some curves.

I wanna be alone
Alone with you - does that make sense?
I wanna steal your soul
And hide you in my treasure chest

lana is typically a nice person. She might not seem like it, due to her hard exterior. Lana has built up a wall of seriousness and harshness to protect others and herself. She doesn't want people to get close to her, for her own selfish reasons, and the fact that she will forget them. Lana is alright with being alone, but she desperately wishes for friends even if she doesn't show it.

FACTS every time lana removes a memory from someone, a fraction of it goes into her own memories, thus causing her to be stuck with horrible memories; every few years when it gets to where lana cannot handle it, she wipes parts of her memories away; lana keeps all of her own memories locked up in a chest under her bed; lana keeps the rest in vials.

when Lana was 15 years old, she wiped her memories completely and placed them into an old ale bottle and locked it away in a chest. After a few years, Lana realized that she could use her abilities to help people. She had little money and was far too young to open up a shop, so Lana began to travel Ionia in search of people that wanted to forget. A few years passed again, and Lana couldn't handle the memories anymore. Her head was swarming with horrible things, and she had no more room to contain vials. Lana had collected just enough money to purchase a small shop, and so she did. Lana quickly set up shop in Falkhaven. After one month, Lana couldn't take it anymore. She erased most of her memories and placed them into another bottle, locking that one into the chest. Lana repeats this process every few years.

lana can take away people's memories and place them into bottles. She can also create false memories.

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