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The History of Love
This topic is about The History of Love
SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fiction, 2007 or so, Cantankerous old man, living alone, and his lost diary or novel or letters. A young girl is connected to this diary in her own story. Their lives eventually intersect. Flashback memories. [s]

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Mary Beth | 2 comments Their stories run separately for much of the novel and are told back and forth. Somehow the connection is this Book or diary of the old man . I believe they don’t meet for a while. He’s living alone in an apartment in New York I think with very little outside contact. His only real friend is a dying old man the floor below him. I think they talk mostly through the floor
The story of the old man and the girl eventually intersect

Mary Beth | 2 comments That’s it!! Thank you Ayshe!! Phew.
Now that you say the title I should’ve remembered the word love was in it :-)
Now how do I move this to salt? Today is the first time I’ve used this group :-)
Thank you for your help

Mary Beth

Ayshe | 4132 comments Great! For the moving - if you're using the desktop site, click the "edit" next to thread's title and select the Solved: Adult Fiction folder; if not - mod will move it later on.

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