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Amanda | 2 comments Warning, may contain spoilers! This is the place to chat about the book once you've finished it - favorite parts, favorite characters, what you thought, etc! I'll start off with my thoughts below (I LOVED IT!!!).

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Amanda | 2 comments I'm Amanda, and I currently work with youth seeking abortion here at Jane's Due Process. I could not put this book down - I cried multiple times. The author really captures the entire world of Banjo, and I felt like I was right there with her the whole time. I want everyone who works with youth to read this book, too!!

One of my favorite parts were Banjo's therapy sessions. I loved how her therapist gave her practical & concrete steps to help with her pain, and how anyone reading this book could actually learn a lot from Anna's advice and coping mechanisms. These parts really made me want to suggest this book for the young people that I work with.

I think the first time I cried was when Dr. Alice asks Banjo if she wants her mom to be there when they listen to the baby's heartbeat for the first time, and she says yes. Since the young people I work with are dealing with a pregnancy that most of them can't tell their parents about, that part really got me. That even if they were to continue the pregnancy (as some of them do), they would be faced with judgment and ridicule instead of support.

It was also interesting to see Banjo thinking about adoption throughout the book. A lot of the people I work with, who are in a different situation because they still have time to consider abortion, know for sure that they don't want to do adoption. I think Banjo put it really well towards the end (page 179 in my book): " It occurred to me that even if I picked the perfect couple, they may not stay perfect. What if they split up? And if they split, what if one of them got with some asshole who was mean to Gracie? What if they stayed together but moved far away? What if they died in a car crash and Gracie was sent to live with some far off relative or foster family or something and I never got to see her again?...It occurred to me that maybe I could actually provide Gracie with a more stable life than some thirty-something married couple."

I could go on and on about how much I loved this book. I'm really interested in hearing what other people thought, too!

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