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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Murder mystery romance I think in historic England where an evil aunt moves in to a girls house and causes problems. Possible Spoilers ahead.

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Kelly Boppe | 1 comments **potentially spoilers ahead
I read this book probably 6 years ago and I think it was more recently published then... I'm pretty sure the book takes place in a sort of aristocratic era in England or some other Western European country. It is narrated by the teen girl/daughter of the book. Basically (from what I remember) the girls mother has a twin or a sister who moves in with them and I think murders the reak mother and tries to take her place as the woman of the house. I think she murders the husband too. I don't think this is a young adult book, I remember some rauchier stuff in it, but it could be. I also specifically remember in the book there being a discussion about some sort of specific room, like a greenhouse or plant room or something?? I think the cover had a lot of red and black in it but I'm not sure. PLEASE HELP thank you all!

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Kate Farrell | 4070 comments Mod
Kelly ~~

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