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message 1: by Rida (new)

Rida Imran  (ridaimran) | 22 comments This post will bring out cool recommendations

WackyRomanticPyrate Diana (wackyromanticpyratediana) | 21 comments I'll post a bunch of great stuff soon, but am going to do it as Magickal Activism, so will take some time to put together! :)

Also want to see what people might share 1st, plus am in process of moving, so focusing right now on posts which will bring me some new books, or other delight... in the interim!

...check the feminist fantasy/sci-fi/fantasy) thread: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

message 3: by Ashley (last edited Aug 15, 2018 08:57AM) (new)

Ashley | 194 comments Sweep: Volume 1

This is the first (omnibus - technically this edition is the first three books of the series) in a series about witches and witchcraft in modern society. This series gave me a bit of insight into what Wicca actually is and lead me to researching it for myself. It shows magic in both a positive and negative way, and is one of those stories that shows nothing is black and white.

message 4: by WackyRomanticPyrate (last edited Aug 14, 2018 10:58AM) (new)

WackyRomanticPyrate Diana (wackyromanticpyratediana) | 21 comments Thanx so much for contributing ! The thread requested ~fiction~ though: Since I'm vision impaired this means a lot to me... It's a great resource to have nonfiction too! ***Please post about nonfiction books in the many already existing nonfiction book recommendations & discussion threads in this group, to support them, -- so we can all jump in whichever thread we're looking for, & don't have to sift through things.***

message 5: by WackyRomanticPyrate (last edited Aug 14, 2018 11:32AM) (new)

WackyRomanticPyrate Diana (wackyromanticpyratediana) | 21 comments ***I wanted to also note that this thread is for ***just for positive*** magick fiction books only: Plz check that that's what you're recommending***.... as people are often so grateful just to find a book about magick at all; that they don't always really pause, & presence if what you are taking in is completely positive magick teachings, & message, ...or not:

Just because a book is about magick, doesn't mean it teaches completely positive practices. Many are not, because not all writers, historians, or teachers get to the level of mastery to know the difference before they write or teach.***

For instance, though much of Wicca was, & is, filled w/ positive practices, not all practices passed thru the tradition are positive. To explain would be lengthy & I can't do that right now, but in a month or maybe less, I will: ***Note that part of what I practice is an evolution of Wicca; so I'm not being down on Wicca here***; only calling people's attention to simply that there is a lot of variation out there & it's important to be aware, deeply knowing, & accountable of the aspects of each practice you use ... as all traditions are made up of many practices, w/effects to you & others on many levels:

***If this ignites discussions, plz post them in the nonfiction thread, thank you!

Though I only read the 1st two, three, or 4 books in the series Sweep that you mentioned, what I read was enough to experience that its a typical example of the kind of 'evil chasing after the witch'/ 'witches fighting evil,' that I described above that this thread is not about: ***While there are *positive things included in those kinds of books as well,* -- the intent of this thread is to share & experience books which don't have any negative associations w/magick: Books w/negative associations w/magic, & 'fear-based' thinking/living, create a precedent in our minds (...& thus our culture) that 'magick', or 'being a witch', or 'part of a pagan tradition,' -- means being 'threatened by evil', engaging in danger, or having to 'fight' something. When in fact most witches, Wiccans, & magic practitioners live their whole live surrounded by loving & supportive community; w/out any threat to their safety or practices: Using & experiencing their practices & traditions to enrich & celebrate life, gain self & universal understanding/connection/empowerment/peace, & contributing greater beauty, wonder, & healing to the world.

Plus whether or not a reader is interested in real world ideas & implications re magic, the have the right to simply enjoy the genre of Magic books that just make you feel good + have happy endings :)

message 6: by WackyRomanticPyrate (last edited Aug 14, 2018 11:33AM) (new)

WackyRomanticPyrate Diana (wackyromanticpyratediana) | 21 comments I added & edited a lot of things to my comment right before this sentence....several times since I sent this sentence...: Plus adding this:

***Rather than having a new nonfiction thread about this, please post about nonfiction books in this genre in the many already existing nonfiction book recommendations & discussion threads in this group, to support them; -- so we can all jump in whichever thread we're looking for, & don't have to sift through things.***

message 7: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 194 comments Sorry about that. I must have missed or forgotten the fiction only part when writing my post. I'll edit it and remove the non-fiction ones.

WackyRomanticPyrate Diana (wackyromanticpyratediana) | 21 comments Thanx, plz do share them on 1 of the nonfiction threads, they're a valuable resource for this community!

message 9: by WackyRomanticPyrate (last edited Aug 15, 2018 12:01PM) (new)

WackyRomanticPyrate Diana (wackyromanticpyratediana) | 21 comments Just to clarify, positive magick stories are not an 'unnatural' unrealistic extreme --like classifying everything as 'black or white': They can have challenges/hardship, & don't represent people as ~perfect.~. They simply present the real world fact that pagans & witches tend to spend their life enjoying & enriching their & their communities' lives w/their traditions --not being hunted by evil or harassed by dangerous people or spiritual entities.

WackyRomanticPyrate Diana (wackyromanticpyratediana) | 21 comments Since most real world magick individuals & communities to do not live in danger, & are not hunted by evil; --but most magick ‘books/movies’ present them this way; --it’s created a distorted misrepresentation of what magick communities & traditions are really like: *Thus the importance of this thread.*

Plz post the genre of positive magick fiction books I’ve described in this thread folks, thanx! If in doubt, wait a bit & in less than a month I’ll post a bunch of examples:

If anyone wants debate, or to discuss the nature of positive/negative magick etc, --plz contribute your discussion to 1 of the nonfiction discussion sections; so folks interested in what I’ve described can simply post & get these kinds of book recommendations. I don’t want this thread to turn into a need to ‘justify’ this genre; it’s an existing genre, thanx so much everyone!

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