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UNSOLVED: One specific book > J or YA post-apocalyptic, people were sent to space to try to save humanity. Sister stows away.

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Sherry Beth Preston (goodreadscomwildflowersp) | 4 comments A small group of ethnically diverse people are selected to be shot into space to preserve humanity. It seems the world is going to end somehow, disease or war, I don't remember. The sister of one of the men on board stows away, and since they plan to repopulate the world some day, and her genetics are close to her brother's, they aren't too happy with her. I think they figured out how to make the whole space ship self-sustaining with composting clothes and drinking urine...They eventually come back to Earth for some reason or another and find a few people have survived the disaster in caves.

I read this in the early 1980s and based on where I remember finding it in the library, the author's name was in the first few letters of the alphabet. It would maybe be a YA or upper gradeschool level novel.

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Kris | 34456 comments Mod
Sherry Beth, does anything look familiar in this list of Interstellar Ark ("generation ship") novels? Some books have multiple cover images.

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Sherry Beth Preston (goodreadscomwildflowersp) | 4 comments Kris, Thanks for the information. I didn't find my book, but you have given a name to the genre I was looking for.

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Sherry Schwabacher Could it be The 100 by Kass Morgan?


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