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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA Romance (Late 80's-Early 90's): Students at an arts school make a short film of a ghost story

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Abbie | 1 comments I read this book in paperback in the early nineties and it seemed newish to me... it was a contemporary setting and there was nothing obviously old-fashioned about it.

The protagonist is a teen girl whose mother works as a film director. I'm pretty sure she has short dark hair and as I recall she's pretty but not beautiful. She and her mom have just recently moved to California for her mom's career, and she's enrolled in a high school with a focus on the arts. I feel like she may also have an older brother. At first she has a hard time fitting in, but then as a class project they're made to divide into groups and make a short film.

The protagonist wants to direct a film about a romantic ghost story that she's read. She teams up and makes friends with the girl who plays the lead character... this girl is very beautiful and popular and is expected to become a famous actress once they all finish school. She also works with the male love interest, who acts as the cameraman.

I weirdly remember one throwaway line in which the mom talks about how she's not successful at dinner parties because she really wants to focus on eating while everybody is still gossiping.

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