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The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz > chapter 7 to 12

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chapter 7:
we see some more examples of the tin woodman's showing his "non existent" heart. crying at the thought of a deer dying by the lion for food. Actually rereading this I forgot how wimpy they made the tin man crying all the time.
We also see some examples of the Lion's courage in this chapter as he has to jump the wide ditch.
We also meet the kalidahs with the body of a bear and head of a tiger. sadly we don't see much of them in this chapter but they did sound interesting.
we get to see the scarecrow use those non existent brains. to get across the other ditch and then also to have the woodmans chop the tree so the kalidah's can't follow.
Also the Lion roars facing off against these scary beast.
SO the whole chapter basically outlined the courage,heart and brains of our trio from oz.
chapter 8.
Here is the infamous poppy fields. First the group goes along the river and get carried away by the current. leaving the poor scarecrow trapped in the middle of the river. They take about venturing into the wicked witches territory but we still haven't seen her yet. The scarecrow is saved by a stork that carries him from the river and they try running through the poppy fields. sadly the lion falls victim to the poppy field spell and the tin man and scarecrow can't save him. so they take dorothy and leave him.
chapter 9:
here we get to meet the field mice and it's queen who helps rescue the lion from the poppy field by basically being using as mini horses that pull the lion out of the fields by cart.
chapter 10
dorothy and company get to the land oz and get shelter then on to emerald city where they have to wear these "special" glasses to enter emerald city
chapter 11:
Now oz meets each of them one by one and says the same thing. they have to kill the wicked witch of the west. he also has his appearance change for each person in the party. so no two people see the same wizard.
chapter 12:
they travel off to see the wicked witch and you get a description of her. Having only one eye. and she sends wolves to attack the group. here the woodsman kills 40 of them by chopping off their heads. damn that is an action scene rivaling any marvel killing spree, The scarecrow then kills 40 crows mostly by wringing their necks (ouch.. warning for the amimal lovers in this book) and the tin man destroy the bees and the lion scares away the winkies with a roar. finally the witch has to summon the winged monkeys with the golden can to take dorothy and the lion they desroy the scarecrow and the tin woodsman and the lion is now captured along with dorothy. There is a tussle surrounding the silver shows as dorothy throws water on the witch in retailiation for her taking one of her shows and the witch then melts away having dorothy save the day again and freeing the winkies from enslavement.

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Kaelin O (kaelino) It's interesting to notice all the differences from the book to the movie. They cut out a lot of "unpleasantness" of the book, namely the dismemberment and decapitation that for some reason appears throughout the book!

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