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The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz > Chapters 1 to 6

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Kaelin O (kaelino) The backstory of the Tin Woodman is rather dark, haha.

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Well going through this book is so much fun. also 1st time annotating is making me enjoy this more.

One thing we notice right off the bat is how dorothy's world is so "gray". funny symbolism with the film as well since color gets introduceed in oz. in fact besides dorothy the only other being that is commented on that isn't "gray" is toto.
chapter one also talks about how the cyclone lasted for "hours" . also the whole story about toto biting that woman and him possibly being taken away in the movie is not there along with meeting the wizard when she runs from home in the film.
chap 2:
So going into oz we find alot of talk about color now. everything is bright instead of gray and fields of green the good witch of the north is an old lady. the shoes are "silver" not red like the film but the premise is the same. she can't get home unless she goes to visit the wizard.
one interesting line I saw in this chapter was explaining that the reason kansas and earth basically didn't have "magic" and wizards was that it was civilized. civilization takes the "magic" away from the land. it's an interesting line and I wonder what the author was hinting at here?
chapter 3
we meet boq who kindly helps dorothy and she has breakfast and is on her way to meet the scarecrow. meeting the scarecrow is alot like the film and he joins her on her quest to meet the wizard so he might get a brain.
chap 4
Now dorothy talks about wanting to go home here with the scarecrow who asks a good question. if it is so nice here and so gray there why go back and here is the there is no place like home line. scarecrow says a very interesting line here. if your head was filled with straw like mine you would probably all live in beautiful places and hen no people would live in kansas. I wonder if this was a product of the time of baum writing this. the industrial age and people flocking to the cities and leaving their home and farm. A quick jab at them leaving their hard life for the "greener pastures" and fancy cities.
Chapter 5
Here we get to meet the woodsman. I remember this chapter well from my reading because the woodsman's origin is so much darker here. He cared for his parents till they died then went to take a wife but the old woman who she was taking care of didn't want her to leave so she got someone to curse the woodman and he slowly chopped off piece by piece of his body each being replace by tin till he was all of tin. Here is something funny I noticed. The tin man stayed with his parents till death and that was OK, but when the old woman wanted her ward to stay with her she was "lazy" and "selfish". felt like a contradiction there?
one other interesting part in this chapter is we find out that the tin man has no brains and the scarecrow has no heart and they have a debate and the scarecrow says brains are more important because a "fool" would not know what to do with a heart. (a fool in love;0. the tin man says a heart is better because brains don't make happiness(love does?) and happiness is the best thing in the world. I thought that was an interesting debate.
chapter 6.
Ok now we get to the cowardly lion who attacks toto. I thought an interesting line here was how dorothy called the lion a "coward" for attacking her helpless dog. So basically what she and the author is saying here is if you attack someone weaker then you and unable to defend themselves against you you are a coward. In other words every Bully you meet really is just one big coward. I liked that message ;)
(those are my thoughts on the 1st 6 chapters)

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