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message 1: by Dwayne, Head of Lettuce (new)

Dwayne Fry | 4283 comments Mod
It's not terrible, but if I hadn't looked at your genre, I would not have been able to guess. I might assume it's a humorous guide to the men's room.

message 2: by Erica (new)

Erica Forrest | 14 comments It looks good to me! The space is filled nicely, the word/image balance is fine. The only thing I would change is to bring the top and bottom in towards the centre a bit, so the blank margins are the same all the way around.

message 3: by Erica (new)

Erica Forrest | 14 comments I think 'futuristic adventure' is plenty enough to convey the genre, though the four stick men don't scream exciting space odyssey.

message 4: by Dwayne, Head of Lettuce (new)

Dwayne Fry | 4283 comments Mod
I agree with Erica. They're pretty static. Could you, maybe, make the little men on the sky scooter thingies a bit bigger? Maybe make them the focus of the cover? That, to me, says "sci fi adventure" more than the four larger men.

message 5: by Junkomi (new)

Junkomi Eno | 28 comments Dwayne wrote: "It's not terrible, but if I hadn't looked at your genre, I would not have been able to guess. I might assume it's a humorous guide to the men's room."

I kind of have to agree with Dwayne here. It is not a bad cover, per-say, but it could use a good bit of work.

For starters, your cover looks like it is trying to do way too much. I understand wanting to stand out from everything else however, this is more of standing out in a, not so good way, to say the least. Your color of the white title is really making it hard to read, not to count the tilted title makes it even more hard to read. The colors themselves are not all that bad but you really have to think about the background you put it on. Some colors are just really hard to work with.

Now on to the font itself. I will say it was a nice choice going with a strong Sans-Serif font. It is understandable to want to play it safe and use the same font for the whole title of your book however, this can also work against you. It can be a bit stale. As a rule with fonts never use more then three fonts. (It is common practices for your title to be in a San-Serif font while the Author name would be in a Serif font usually about half the size of your title font.) I feel that the "A futuristic Adventure" is not needed due to the fact your cover should convey what your genre is in and of itself.

In the end however, this is all nothing more then my opinions on the matter. I would hope that you do not see this as me saying your book cover is horrible. I do not think that at all ^-^ My general rule is know what you want. If you love the way that book cover looks and are okay with it then I would say stick with it. If you feel it isn't conveying the genre or feel or whatnot then it might be best to play around change it or try something different. ^-^

Anyways, good luck! :D

message 6: by A. J. Deschene (last edited Aug 08, 2018 12:27PM) (new)

A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 58 comments Tom,
I think it looks very good indeed, and incredibly professional.
Although, I'd like to see more color besides red and purple. Look up complementary colors and see if you can make some changes based on that. Being your first book, if people don't wait until number 2 comes out, all they'll see from your series is a bunch of red and purple, which isn't much variety.
I still like it though, and I think it would look very appealing on a matte cover, although I have a particular affinity for matte, so I'm a bit biased.

I'd like to also say that it was very refreshing to see an indie cover that's actually good, one that you took the time to design and care about . . . because people do judge a book by its cover, and this one should bring you a good amount of sales, provided your description is just as great.
Anyway, good luck!


message 7: by Ralph (new)

Ralph F | 14 comments I've been following the development of this and it looks much better now. What bothers me is the "A" at the bottom. Everything is perfectly centered, but the "A" is the only thing that's not. All of it is still a bit crowded. I suggest either moving the "A" down to the "Futuristic" line (maybe making the font a bit smaller) or making it centered. I suspect centering it would crowd into the ying/yang symbol, which is why it's off-center. But everything on the diagonal and vertically is centered nicely - you obviously put a lot of work into it! And colors look great - they feel futuristic.
You might want to try upper/lower case for your name - that might ease the crowded feeling. And making the font smaller would help.
Good work!

message 8: by Ralph (new)

Ralph F | 14 comments Tom - much better. And the bottom lines get longer as they go to the bottom of the cover which really “grounds” it. And it’s all perfectly symmetrical now. Nice! Think you’re set.

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