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There are six kingdoms. Verenic, (Vur-En-Ick) Aquirelus, (Uh-Qwair-Eee-Lus) Dwandon, (Like swan, but with a D instead of an S and DUN at the end... These are the seriously evil ppl....) Lamperious, (Lam-Peer-Eee-Us) Rivelick, (Riv-Il-Ick) and Sungreth. (Sun-Greth)

Don't worry if you have trouble spelling, because I'm sure I will too! =D

Now, the rivals and allies are like this:

Aquirelus and Lamperious are like the good guys. They're armer are light silver with two wings on the chestplate. Lamperious armor have gold wings and Aquirelus have blue.

Dwandon and Sungreth are the evil ppl. They have heavy black armor. Dwandon has red tinges on their armor, but Sungreth is just pitch black.

Rivelick and Verenic are the the ppl who haven't chosen. Either some don't care, some are unsure, or some people of peace. But Verenic is beginning to vear slightly towards Dwandon and Sungreth, for they are an army of mercenaries, people who will work for anyone who pays them the most. Most of Verenic is black-hearted. It is usual to find Verenic's in forests

Many of Rivelick's hearts belong with Aquirelus and Lamperious but have not joined yet. All of Rivelick is kind-hearted, but every kingdoms corner has a black heart or two.

Verenic mostly has leather, for they are not well-trained soldiers. Many of Rivelick's ppl do not have armor, for they are ppl of peace, but others have made their own armor and are preparing for battles. They do this in shadows, for their king does not wish for this. If you are a Rivelick person, you do not have to be a fighter. You can be a farmer, or something like that. But if you are a warrior, there are no Apprentices or Squires, for they train themselves or with a few other ppl. Their armor can be anything you want, for they make it themselves. (But nothing crazy. It has to be some sort of metal or rock, Not pinky purple stripy polkadoted WHATEVER!!!)

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lolz! kk, hmmm what side....

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This is the story. It happened many, many, many years ago...

A long time ago, it used to be just two large kingdoms living in peace. Norbrig, and Svenska. Everyone was happy. They're kingdoms were growing larger and larger. Then Svenska's king died. The new king that rose up, his son, was very gifted. He gave great advice to his people, and in the winter, they had plenty of food and shelter for everyone. No one starved while Norbrig's people began to starve in the cold. The king there was stubborn. There was no way he was going to get down on his knees and beg for help to a king completely younger then himself.

After the winter, Svenska's people celebrated and told everyone to come. The feasted for many days and danced. The story went far and wide, and soon thousands of people knew of Svenska's tale. They came by many, until kingdoms and kings came to Svenska for advice. The king agreed to all of them and always helped every person.

But never once had a someone visted Norbrig. The king became furious. How dare Svenska forget about them! The next winter, he raised an army and marched down to the peaceful kingdom. They blew down the door and marched straight up the lane. But Svenska's people were of many more then Norbrig's. They forced Norbrig right back out the door, until they finally stopped in the middle halfway to Norbrig's. There were right in the middle of the territory.

The king road up and shouted to Norbrig's king. "This battle was uncalled for! From now on, we are enemies!" And road away with his people. The place in they were at, was then called "Breaking Pass" A river has passed there, and the ground sank lower and lower, and when the river went away, there were cliffs, and towering rocks piled up on another, and it is always misty there. Many unknown animal breeds have also risen there.

The two kingdoms fought for many years. It is said that one year, the king of Svenska and the king of Norbrig, gathered a small group of fighters and went to a land in the north, a meadow were Verenic was soon to be. Neither group ever came back. Not one fighter or the kings. The place was called, "Meadow of the Lost Sorrow" Until Verenic came and called it their own.

The fought for many other years. Finally, the two kingdoms broke into five. Aquirelus and Lamperious almost as soon as they were broken came back together, as did Dwandon and Sungreth. Rivelick was a people from every side who joined together, unwanting to fight. And they haven't since. (At least not yet...) Vernic was a group of mercenaries who came in later from a different land. Happy with the new land, they settled there and became a small, but rising sort-of kingdom... (Idiots...)

Later on, Aquirelus set up a stony place in the middle of their kingdom, they set up a series of marble fountains around it. In the middle of all this, is a stone memorial of their king. People went there constantly, but now that every has seen it, only a person or two go there each day. It's a nice place when you want to be alone. Some say you can even feel the king's presence there...

And that is the story of the kingdoms. It has been like this ever since.

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heheh. very nice redfang.

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Keyanah (drizzleherb-peacelover) | 19 comments Cool!

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Allie (pearlrose95) Awesome!

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MUst have taken a long time to type.......

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have you by any chance read the Door Within trilogy? because this sounds a lot like those books

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Yup! It's also sorta like Lord of the Rings and other books of the sort...

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fantasy is the best theme ever!!! and the last book in the door within trilogy has the best ending EVER!! it is the best book of all time!!

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Icewolf(Emily) (Mistyfoot) | 2 comments that is a good ending

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