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Logan Ikaika | 1 comments Hi, my name is Logan and I am interested in swapping and critiquing any written works. I have had the story workshopped and had an editor go through it.

I read anything, but generally, my love is for sci fi and fantasy.

I am mostly looking for critiques on my plot and characters, but I'll take anything.

If you are interested, you can email me at or respond here.

Aja Clark enjoys controlling every minute detail of her life. As the curator for the city’s most prominent museum, she watches over history. As the Avatar of Spring, she is the embodiment of a deity who controls the natural forces. And as the founder of the League of Ladies, she leads a group of monsters who are striving to make a better place for Kingsport’s citizens—humans and monsters alike.

The museum she’s working for is hosting a gala to unveil a new exhibit, a pair of ancient sarcophaguses. Unbeknownst to Aja, forces are at work that are attempting to reawaken what lies inside that should remain undisturbed.

Contained inside one of the sarcophaguses is an old enemy Aja had the misfortune of facing in the past, and in the other is the key to a secret that may shatter the life she has built.

Following the lives of several affluent women, who happen to be monsters, this story is told through the perspective of a reality television show (not unlike Real Housewives, WAGS, etc.). Each woman—monster—is an allegory for the negative stereotypes more often placed on women in today’s society.

For example, there’s a sexually empowered succubus, who just so happens to be the number one couple’s counselor in the city. You may think Frankenstein’s Bride is made from 100 percent wifey material, but she would much rather stay home and play D and D rather than go out on a date (which is really wifey material to many of us). A reality television personality might have gained notoriety from her angry outbursts, but now that she’s a werewolf, trust me when I tell you she’s a real bitch once a month.

Will Aja’s secret, her known worst enemy, and an unexpected foe dissolve the fledgling League of Ladies and send the world into chaos?

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Dan Mitchell | 25 comments Logan, your WIP sounds interesting. Would be interested in swapping first couple chapters. Here's my rough blurb:
Social turbulence is tearing the population apart. Cohabitation turns to turmoil between humans and non-humans. Fae, Vampire, Lycan, and Mutants all try to work within the human laws but find many objectionable and restrictive.
On a bolt of lightning, Agents from the future teleport to the present. They have a difficult assignment; change the future by any means necessary. Brooks, Stone, Conway and Proctor led by Agent Rivers, tasked to bring creation to a new branch of law enforcement. Conspiracy, murder, sacrifice, election rigging, a political assassination, nothing is off limits to complete their mission. That is, until Detective Roy Burn is on the case.
Once formed, The Citizens Protection Federation agents are comprised of humans, mutants and a feral. The new agents struggle to overcome prejudice and distrust to become a team as they combat civil unrest. What sacrifices will the new agents have to make?
It is around 60K words and basically all there to the end. Need help completing the development of some scenes and basic flow of writing. You can contact me at if interested. Thanks.

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