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message 1: by Kimberly (last edited Aug 08, 2018 09:47AM) (new)

Kimberly Ann (auntie-nanuuq) | 753 comments The Irresistible Henry House by Lisa Grunwald

Irresistible Henry House, Lisa Grunwald

★ ★

Apparently in 1919 Cornell University began a trend in Home Economics called "Practice Babies" who all came from a local orphanage & were later adopted out... Young college women would take Home Economics to study & practice, chemistry, physics, mechanics, cooking, cleaning, & baby raising. The program went on until 1969.

So this book is about Henry, who was the child of the Dean's daughter by a man other than her husband and was eventually given over to the Practice House Mother to raise as her own.

It would have been nice to like Henry, but lets face it, he hated his adoptive mother, he hated his mother, & he used women... he was a sexually promiscuous misogynist. The author tries to make her readers sympathetic/empathetic towards Henry, but I for one would have like to slap him silly.

In a fit of defiance, Henry decides to become mute... so he is sent to the "Custodial Asylum for Unteachable Idiots" a.k.a. "Humphrey Asylum for the Feeble Minded" a.k.a. "Humphrey School for Mental Defectives"... which had me wondering what kind of person names a school that aims to help those in need such assholic titles?

So Henry, hates his adopted mother for never telling him the whole truth, hates his mother for disposing of him, & uses women sexually & emotionally by plying them with his charms & charisma...

So Henry starts out in Pennsylvania, then to the asylum in Connecticut as he has (purposely) become "mute" yet excels at art, then to N.Y. where his birth mother is working for the Times & living w/ one of his practice mothers, then to CA to work for Walt Disney on Mary Poppins, then to London to work for the Beatles on Yellow Submarine, to Paris to face off his birth mother one last time, & back to N.Y. to his "one true love".

Somehow everywhere he goes he finds a connection & seduces women.... and we are to fawn over Henry...

The book was too long for me, the characters particularly bent, odious, & unrealistic. As I stated, I'd like to have been able to beat the holy crap out of Henry, such a narcissistic p.o.s.

I will tell you this, it was a compelling read & I finished it in one day.... I wanted Henry to redeem himself (because of all the many, many opportunities he had to do so), but in my opinion: as a human being, Henry was as an unrepentant narcissistic failure.

message 2: by KateNZ (new)

KateNZ | 2323 comments Does he go on to hold high public office, or would that be too much of a spoiler? 😉

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Love your review. I can handle an unrepentant narcissist if they are at the very least redeemable. Doesn't sound like this happens. This would leave me very dissatisfied in the end.

message 4: by Joanne (new)

Joanne (joabroda1) | 7479 comments KateNZ wrote: "Does he go on to hold high public office, or would that be too much of a spoiler? 😉"

Oh, Kate you made me laugh this morning....thank you

message 5: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Ann (auntie-nanuuq) | 753 comments KateNZ wrote: "Does he go on to hold high public office, or would that be too much of a spoiler? 😉"

Did he? Not in this one... it was an advanced readers' issue.....

message 6: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Ann (auntie-nanuuq) | 753 comments Let's get real: He was an unmitigated misogynistic prick...

Oh poor me. My adopted mother lied to me (in order to protect me).

My birth mother lied to me & then she deserted me more than once and ran away to Paris...


message 7: by annapi (new)

annapi | 4975 comments ROFL!!!! I love your reviews, Kimberly!

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