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Winter of Fire
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. 80s/90s YA fantasy or dystopia, hooded blonde girl on cover, world where trees are scarce?

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Stephanie A. | 274 comments This is on the tip of my tongue. I read it in 2000 in the U.S., a mass market paperback that looked very 90s -- realistic illustration of a girl with blonde hair, possibly wearing a dark hooded cloak. I don't remember the plot except that it centered on this girl and I think trees had been wiped out or were very scarce in the natural world, because the "tree museum" line in the song "Big Yellow Taxi" reminded me of this -- there may have been an issue with needing them for fuel/warmth.

I think there was magic in the book but I don't know how -- it kind of reminded me of Tamora Pierce but I don't think it's one of hers. I feel like it had either something about cold/ice, "fire" or "stones" in the title. Or maybe sacred/magic stones were relevant to the plot.

I read it for class in grade 8, so it might be well known, but I'm not sure if I read it for a group discussion or an independent project.

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Stephanie A. | 274 comments All right, sorry to be a bother...I couldn't find it before I posted, but another couple hours of intensely Googling every keyword variation I could think of finally gave up the ghost. This is Winter of Fire.

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