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message 1: by Gisela (new)

Gisela Hafezparast | 367 comments I've also read most of this series, but got a bit fed up with Lynley after the first 8 books. If you want to stay in the UK go for Val McDermid, Ian Rankin or PD James.

I love the Scandinavian crime writers, because they tend to have a good crime story, but you also learn a lot about the culture and country. Also there police officer can have families, don't need to be alcoholics (not always) and follow rules, i.e. more realistic.

To best of course will always be Henning Mankell, but I can also recommend Camilla Lackberg, Helene Turston, Kristina Ohlsson, Jussi Adler-Ohlsen and Anne Holt for starters.

If you want to visit beautiful Venice with a very charming detective and his family go for Donna Leon or to Sicily with Andrea Camillieri.

There are lots of brilliant German authors but few are translated, but try Nele Neuhaus, Jakob Ajouni, Roman Voosen, Sebastian Fitzek.

And I could go on and on.

USA is represented by Karin Slaugher and Lisa Gardener but be prepared for lots of violence.

Susanna - Censored by GoodReads (susannag) | 551 comments I can take or leave Lynley, but I adore Havers. If recent books in that series are Havers-heavy, I'm more likely to actually enjoy them.

message 3: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Paul | 13 comments Kristen: Sorry, I can't really answer your question!!! I have a question for anyone here. I'm going to start reading this book regardless, though- has anyone read?:

Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd
By: Alan Bradley

I was just curious!!! Thanks all & please take care!!!

message 4: by Miss M (new)

Miss M | 560 comments Have you tried Deborah Crombie’s Kincaid and James series?
A Share in Death
Like George, she’s an American writer who sets her series in the UK.
As does Martha Grimes with her Inspector Jury series. The Man With a Load of Mischief

I also really like a more recent series by Eva Dolan. Long Way Home

message 5: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Paul | 13 comments For- Miss M: Is this in reply to Kristen's question?! It more or less sounds like it, BUT- just wondering. Thanks SO much again & please take care!!!

message 6: by Miss M (new)

Miss M | 560 comments Joshua wrote: "For- Miss M: Is this in reply to Kristen's question?! It more or less sounds like it, BUT- just wondering. Thanks SO much again & please take care!!!"

Sorry, yes, my answer was for the original poster!

I have actually read Brinded Cat, but it most definitely was not my favorite of the series, there was a terrible plot twist IMO.
Curious as to why you’re asking about a title so far along in the series...I would recommend starting this one from the beginning if you haven’t already - there’s a strong couple of subplots related to Flavia’s family that run throughout the books. Worth reading in order if you can. : )

message 7: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Paul | 13 comments For- Miss M: Thanks for your input, though I've already started reading the book- as is convenient for me since I own the book, as well!!! I often times don't read series in their particular order. I don't know- call me odd, I guess. Anyways though, thanks & Happy Reading to you. Take care!!!

message 8: by Will (new)

Will | 14 comments You may want to check out the Barker and Llewelyn series by Will Thomas. He has written quite a few books, and they are set in England during the 1800s. They are crime/suspense novels.

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