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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Contemporary Romance?- single, divorced mom meets a man and starts to date him, he eventually saves the son

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Kenzi | 3 comments I remember one part of the book clearly the mom’s apartment building is on fire and the son is still trapped inside. The man she is dating shows up and she tells him the son is still inside and he proceeds to run in and save him. As he runs inside all she can think is how she is going to lose them both now. He finds the son in the closet holding his woody doll and has the son hold on to him and tells him not to let go of him until he says. He then jumps out the window to save them. After jumping out the window firemen run toward them and try to get the son to let go but he won’t until the man says so. After waking up in the hospital the mom thanks him and says how she loves him but he thinks he only loves her cause he saved her son.

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Shelia Williams | 763 comments Sounds interesting

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Kenzi | 3 comments I believe that the man the mom is dating is a fireman. That is where he comes up with the idea that she loves him only cause he saved her son. The dad is also sort of still in the picture because the son still visits him.

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Kenzi | 3 comments Bump

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