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Mahmood Yoosuf Abdulla
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message 1: by Mahmood (new)

Mahmood Yoosuf (mahmoodabdulla) | 17 comments Dear support,

Please could you edit the title of my book, so that it matches the title on Amazon:

Currently as: Rationale of Shia Beliefs: From The Qur’an, Prophet’s Traditions And History - Book 1 of 3

On Amazon as: RATIONALE OF SHIA BELIEFS: From The Qur'an, Prophet's Traditions And History (Shia Islam Book 1)


Many thanks.

message 2: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10994 comments It is our policy to not use all capitals, so even if it is listed on Amazon with all capitals.

message 3: by Mahmood (new)

Mahmood Yoosuf (mahmoodabdulla) | 17 comments ok and thank you

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