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Looking for the name/author of this book. Help!
Keirsten Schwartz Keirsten Aug 07, 2018 11:55AM
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Last year I read a mc/tattoo romance book that I loved but I can't remember the title or author so I can't find it! Agghh
The book starts with the heroine losing a male family member dying. Her best friend that she has a crush on (a male), invites her to move close to him. The day she arrives, he talks her into going to a party with him. While at the party her friend ditches her and leaves (without telling her) with a chick to get laid. The heroine then gets raped. She leaves in her friend's truck, trying to call and text him. The only response was blowing her off.
She then goes to her family home, grabs the stuff that's important to her and takes off. She ends up working at a popular tattoo shop as a receptionist. The shop has a semi-famous artist and has 2 other male artists. They're either brothers or very close friends. They keep an eye on the heroine, teach her how to ride a motorcycle, and watch as her confidence grows.
The heroine's so called friend shows up one day as a member of a local mc, looking to get his mc tattoo. She blows him off when he tries to talk to her.
The members of the tattoo shop go to a huge festival (bike week?) And she runs back into her ex-friend. He learns that she rides a motorcycle. The tattoo shop employees end up protecting her from him.
When they all end up back home, he tries to get to know her and he finds out about her rape. He ends up getting her to let him in and they fall in love. He ends up getting a tattoo of her name and something else. The end. Lol
Thanks in advance if you can give me any info on this book. If it helps any, I read it on Amazon Kindle.

Unfortunately I it's neither of those. But thanks lennan

I don't remember the rape aspect but everything else screams "Wolf" by Nicole James!

Actually, it's Rewriting Destiny by Shelly Morgan!

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