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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance/Mystery, i think??? Pink cover, girl leaves her ranch to collect inheritance in..DC? Fancy house, fancy party, hot guy, makeover? FBI?

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Diana Gomez | 2 comments Okay so, I read this book in the 00's but I think I got it from a used shop. It was most likely published between 1990 and 2010.
I read the paperback version, it was bright pink, i think it had a door on the front? But a drawn one, not a photograph of one. Im also pretty sure it was by a woman.

Okay, here's where it gets a tad tricky. I only reread the book's sex scenes (puberty, okay?) so the true plot details are vague.

The woman lives on some sort of ranch in, i want to say, texas. Pretty sure its a horse ranch. She gets some sort of inheritance or something? And leaves to go to (i think DC but also i just remembered the love interest dude might be INTERPOL and not FBI so maybe england? to meet long lost relatives and collect money? Or be there for a reading of the will?

Anyways, idr why but the hot guy is her contact person for the trip, they (idr who they are but i know an older woman is involved) give her some kind of makeover before shes allowed to go to this big estate where theres a party or something? The place has a lap pool on the grounds and i think a large garden.

The man and woman ride horses at some point, they also hook up in a department store dressing room, and in an unoccupied room of the huge mansion near the climax of the book.

diamonds may be involved? Seriously my memory is crapping out on me with this lol. But i know they get the bad guy, there may be a briefcase full of money and/or diamonds involved. She goes back to her ranch still thinking about the dude and he shows up one day confesses his love yadda yadda. Also they have the flirtationship with sarcasm and snark which i really liked.

Something in my brain wants to say the title has something to do with cinderella but, again, take that with a grain of salt.

THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME!!!! because its driving me crazy

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Diana Gomez | 2 comments It was "The cinderella rules" by Donna Kauffman.

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