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message 1: by Tom (new)

Tom Wood (tom_wood) | 77 comments Mod
"The joy of the sci-fi novella, by contrast, is in its one-off-ness, its collapsed space, its enforced incapaciousness. Authors can’t indulge family trees or maps; they must purify their storytelling. One or two main characters. A single three-act quest. Stark, sensible rules. (And no Starks.)"

Cyberpunk seems like a natural fit with the novella format. Short, sharp vignettes of scenes without a lot of backstory that loads down the narrative.

message 2: by Olivier (new)

Olivier Gagnon | 5 comments Hmm, very interesting article. I have written officially published e-stories for the Shadowrun universe that qualify as novella (as per that word count). I am not under the impression they sell anywhere as well as full on novels. I'm not sure really that many people are into it, though clearly the rise of e-readers make consuming a bunch of these in substitute to a novel a possibility.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

message 3: by Craig (new)

Craig Gordon (craigleagordon) | 11 comments I've recently switched from writing short stories to writing novellas instead, because the price point for self published short stories just isn't worth it.

I'm editing a novella of 30K now and i'll be monitoring the sales closely to see how the effort, sales and profit look compared to my shorts and my upcoming novel.

message 4: by Olivier (new)

Olivier Gagnon | 5 comments I’d be very interested in your findings, please do circle back here and share what you can. Thanks!

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