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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Spy / Thriller. Bond-esque action adventure. No specific plot details.

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Mike Rap | 1 comments I recall no specific plot details at all. What I do remember about the book is as follows:

Spy / adventure novel with male protagonist, I think British. Could have been a series of novels with the character, but that's just a guess.

Written in the first person.

Airplane / flight scene where our main character cuts off the oxygen, possibly to extract info from others on board - only a couple of people, not a full aircraft of people. Almost suffocates himself in the process.

The flight may have been on its way to the final scene of the novel - in a castle or base on an island, or in some mountains or similar - probably the location of bad guy / antagonist.

Main character often uses the phrase "I'd have given good odds" (or something very similar) when making some assumptions or statements.

I read the book in about 1997 and I'd guess it was written 1960-1985. And maybe set post WW2. A pulp-ish adventure yarn, an easy read and entertaining.

I think I recognised the author's name when I borrowed the book, so hopefully they're succesfull or well known.

That's it. Any help much appreciated :)

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Mike ~~

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