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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 125 comments When Cethin left the Chess Club he left feeling he accomplished nothing today, but he had already worked out and practiced for Lacrosse and Swimming, but he was still left feeling unaccomplished with the day entirely. The sun was high arching now as evening began to set in. Once he made it through the streets of Syracuse he entered a tunnel and made it down into the Black Market. He saw a number of exotic pets for sale as well as animals to eat. He was unsure what had six legs and was red all over, but it smelled delicious on the rotisserie.
This wasn't exactly his first time wondering the black market, but he certainly wasn't frequenting this place but maybe once a year, if that. He could smell people who didn't have money to stay clean. He could even see which ones were the real crooks and which ones...well they were all crooks from the look of it. As Cethin looked around he realized just how deep into the market he was getting and just how lost he had become. He was a skilled fighter and excellent athlete. Surely, no one would try to harm him in a place so crowded, then again in the black market one probably should keep both eyes open and all sense wary. Cethin bumped into a few people before stopping in front of a kiosk where a dirty Witch sold priceless jewelry, but each was labelled with a single symbol one easily recognizable for causing death, a skull with two crossed bones. However, another small bracelet which appeared to be two snakes chasing each other had a small symbol of a crown. "What does that one mean?" Cethin asked the dirty Witch as he pointed to it. "Even wealth and power comes at a price." The Witch stated before laughing rather eerily. He turned from the kiosk and continued walking. He wasn't sure what brought him here, but he might as well look around if he was going to be associated with such a place.

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Rune had come to the black market to scout a potential recruit — but after they had failed to show up, he resorted to wandering around and looking at the stalls. Most of the stallholders knew him somewhat vaguely, and didn't bother to approach him. He never bought anything, only looked — and if he wanted something, you'd likely not notice he'd taken it.

What he wasn't expecting was to see one of his classmates. Cethin, he remembered vaguely — from one of his classes earlier in the year. Making his way over towards the other boy, Rune noted three questionable figures watching from the edges of the crowd — one he recognised as no threat, and two who seemed stupid enough to be easily dealt with.

When he reached Cethin, Rune slung an arm around his shoulder and steered him to one side, out of the flow of the crowd. "Well well well, what do we have here. Wouldn't have expected someone like yourself to be round here." A quick flash of snakelike features at some of the more inquisitive eavesdroppers around them and the people moved on, smart enough to know when to avoid trouble. "Attracting quite the bit of attention, too."

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Cethin wasn't alarmed when he felt an arm around his shoulder, if anything he felt comforted. He especially felt comforted once he heard a familiar voice, but he didn't appear uneasy to begin with. He glanced at the naga guiding him from the traffic of the crowd. He recognized his face and was sure he knew his name. Mark....Rupert, maybe..."Rune, is it?" A strange name, but one that is familiar anyway. He glanced around hearing what his classmate had to say about attracting attention. "Is someone following me?" He was an observant guy when it came to school and his studies, but Cethin never had to deal with real world problems or terrors. However, Rune made him second guess his observance skills as he became more and more aware of the sort of people he was dealing with in the black market. "What are you doing here?" He pulled from Rune's arm and faced him, "And what do you mean attracting attention? I am simply out here shopping, nothing suspicious." He sounded insistent on the matter, but his eyes showed a snake coiling back in a corner out of fear, waiting to see if he needed to strike.

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Ah. The good old two questions (if he ignored the first two, which seemed rhetorical). Made it easy for Rune to evade the first, and with someone as skittish as Cethin was right now it would hopefully go unnoticed. "Did I specify that it was suspicion? No, they can spot a scared little rabbit like yourself miles away." Rune wrinkled his nose. "They're like stray feral dogs, a lot of them — quick to attack, but stupid." A sidestep to avoid a passer-by, arm swinging naturally — and the pickpocket's wrist twisted and the person pushed into the fray. "Stand against a wall. Harder to steal your possessions that way." He'd dealt with many, many pickpockets before he figured that one out. Cethin was fortunate that he actually still had anything he'd brought with him, given how obliviously he'd been wandering around the market. And given where the flow of people usually led, it was also fortunate that Rune had found him, although there was no guarantee he wouldn't abandon the other boy later. If he was too annoying, then death by overdosing on faerie drugs would be a relatively painless way to get rid of him.

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Cethin looked at Rune curiously as he spoke of the people who were apparently watching him. Hearing Rune ask about his specification on his previous words normally would have offended Cethin for no apparent reason, but for some reason he found it kind of cute. He smirked at him not wanting to relax too much. Once he was given the information to keep his back to the wall he was rather quick to do so. He studied Rune for a moment trying to figure what his intentions were as he was being so kind to the one guy most try not to approach anyway. "Thanks, Rune...I guess I owe you an apology for jumping down your throat, eh?"

Cethin looked past Rune seeing a few people in the crowd glancing their way but he was sure to make eye contact with each of the ones he noticed. It was only a brief moment that took place, but he quickly brought his attention back to Rune. "So what's the big deal, is it just a load of criminals selling rare and valuable items?" He arched his left eyebrow looking rather apprehensive, before shrugging the matter off and from his mind, "They sound like high class noblemen, to me." 'Rune, you are cute and all but what's your deal?' That's what he wanted to ask. 'Maybe we can chill sometime if you get me out of this s**t hole of place and away from these filthy lower class citizens.'

Cethin continued watching past Rune no longer as enthusiastic about his trip out here. Not many people picked on younger kids wondering the streets, but now he was older and in his last year of schooling he was a prime target full of money. He wasn't one to back down from a challenge, but he played his cards carefully. He looked at Rune still keeping his back to the wall and crossing his arms as he leaned back into the bricks. "What are you doing here, really?" He felt that his own actions were suspicious, but so were Rune's and he wanted the answer.

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jsyk rune doesnt know anything abt cethin aside from his name and that he goes to addermire

"It's a black market, surely you know what those are. Illegal things are sold here, whether they be services or objects or something else entirely. Hardly high-class, given at least half these people trade their souls to buy anything." Rune let a tiny blade slide down from his sleeve into his hand, watching carefully as the people who had been following Cethin came closer. There was a layer of venom on it, as with most of his weapons, but he wouldn't be able to deal with two at once. It was odd that he didn't know them — most murder-related crime in Syracuse was committed either by Defacto or someone else he knew. "You wouldn't happen to have any enemies who might hire hitmen, would you?"

He sighed at the question — clearly Cethin was persistent. "I could ask you the same question," he replied shortly, "but I'm not nosy or rude enough to ask. Walls have ears, as do the several dozen people around us. Leave your questions for later." It would be so easy, a simple nudge in the right direction and Cethin would be out of his hair for good, but Rune was curious about who exactly this boy he had only ever seen within the confines of a classroom was, and why he would ever come to the black market if he was so poorly equipped to understand it or deal with it.

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Cethin nodded feeling a sense of urgency when he noticed something shine out of the corner of his sight. Looking down he saw the blade that Rune had in his hand. He wanted to simply get out of the situation, "I came here shopping just like you and everyone else." He played it rather smoothly. He didn't like the idea of someone eavesdropping on him unless he permitted it. "If we are going to dodge any trouble I expect you would like to show me to a more secluded area? My father is pretty important so probably someone out to get dirt on him would shadow me...Maybe it would be best to negotiate with these crooks before resorting to violence." He was just tossing out ideas at this point, but knew very well that if they remained there any longer it would turn into something physical and Rune may have been smart, but he didn't look tough enough to take on beings that could be way more powerful than either of them.

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"Nobody comes here just shopping, and I didn't ask." Rune narrowed his eyes as one of the people who had been following Cethin disappeared, seemingly into thin air. "If you want me to not just abandon you, keep your mouth shut. Negotiating only works if you have the upper hand and they're willing to talk." There was a good chance they were working for someone, if they could teleport. A useful skill to have on your side if you were kidnapping someone. He was almost interested enough to see what would happen if he just left now — but people following someone of such supposed importance had questionable morals, and people of questionable morals were fun to toy with and probably had valuable information. (They could also make good recruits, but Rune didn't feel particularly inclined to such a long process today)

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Cethin rolled his eyes at Rune no longer able to recall what brought him wondering to the market in the first place. He watched the men approach and then vanish. "Where did they go? If they were following me then why did they vanish? I am no more vulnerable now than any other time. Did you recognize them?" Cethin asked, not being fond of those who come and go as they please unless it's him doing the coming and going. Why on earth was anyone following him. Apart from money, but no one would touch him. He was much wealthier than most of these people circulating through the market. He was better than nearly all of them simply by birth right. "Let's get out of here before they decide to come back, Rune." He urged his classmate not wanting to be involved in a murder case with blood on his hands. He was going to watch out for the guy the best he could for as long as he was had to. Something was off about Rune that Cethin couldn't place. He seemed darkened and not in the same way that Cethin was. Cethin was darkened by entitlement, but what was Rune darkened by? He studied the guy before him and the question slipped like it never should have. Asking someone what they are in public is like a mundane asking a lady for her age. "What are you?" It was no one's business what he was, especially no business of Cethin's. Why did he ask because he felt he was able to connect or read Rune differently than others maybe just his own pheromones, but they guy was certainly different.

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Rune ignored the boy's rambling, scanning the market for any signs of the person who had disappeared. A slight flicker, anything that might give away where they would appear. "What are you?" he replied evenly, flicking the blade in the direction of a slight fluctuation in the air. It missed the hooded figure by more than an inch, and Rune cursed under his breath. They were gone again before he could throw a second, but this time he had two blades — one for either side of the telltale twist that occurred just before a reappearance, so he was practically guaranteed to get them next time. "Aside from an idiot, of course."

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Cethin glared at Rune not enjoying this encounter with a guy who is growing up thinking he is some assassin. "Why do you keep trying to harm people in public, Rune? We need to get out of here before one of those guys appear next to us. Tell someone at the school we were being followed and the staff will handle the situation." He tried to sound very sure of himself, but now Cethin questioned if they were going to make it out of the black market alive and intact. "If one of those vanishing guys snatches one of us and you stab them what if they leave part of you behind or take the wrong half with them?"
He wasn't about to get snatched by any filthy lower class and he was going to make it very well known if it occurred. Cethin felt his temperature rise as he pressed his back against the wall more firmly standing straighter. He clinched his jaw and watched around the market for people to be popping in and out of sight, but he couldn't see anyone in the crowd that looked like they were just walking in. He saw one face turn around and become an entirely other face lost in the multitude.
"Rune, seriously, if we stand here any longer they will have time to get reinforcements. My name is Cethin Orpheus and my father will not let me go down without a fight. I'm not going to get my hands dirty just because a few thugs want some money." He stared Rune down very seriously, "Do you want to be the one to explain to them that their are greater pursuits to go for in life than a students lunch money?" He felt his temper rising just at the thought of getting into a confrontation. "I'm all for putting others in their place, but I'm not going to get my arse handed to me, are you? Choose your battles, Rune, let's go." He urged his classmate only for his own security. He didn't want Rune's blood on his hands and he was not going to have anyone talking about the two of them getting their noggins knocked around like fools. If he was meant to suffer humiliation he would have been born mundane. The thought crossed Cethin's mind and instilled a greater since of pride upon him, but that was neither here nor there. He had to keep his senses at overdrive in order to stop wondering into his head and expanding his own ego.

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Rune rolled his eyes. "You've clearly never dealt with someone who can teleport, then. They'd take out a few people's heads if they tried appearing right here. Besides, I wanna know who they work for. Also, name-dropping means nothing to me. I don't keep up with the politics of this place, I'm just here for school." A carefully-timed throw would be enough– he smiled as the second blade found its mark. "Come on, in case the other one can teleport too." He pushed through the crowd, towards where the person had fallen, not bothering to check if Cethin was following or not.

The person was tall, evidently. And they were currently hunched over holding their abdomen, bleeding from the shoulder. Rune grinned. Grinning didn't suit him — but it would unsettle them. "Hurts, doesn't it? Maybe you should work on trying to trail people in a less noticeable manner." He kicked them, then turned away and continued against the flow of the crowd, towards the exit. He had dropped the antivenom in the person's lap, not mean enough to give them absolutely no hope. But the paralysis would be setting in faster, so if they came after him then it would be clear that they and the other spy had been working together. And if they didn't, well maybe there was hope for them after all. Or they were dead.

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Cethin struggled to keep up with Rune. He was moving through the crowd like a current in the ocean. Cethin watched a man fall to the ground and rune kick him. He didn't hear what was said but made a point to keep tailing Rune. Cethin saw Rune near the exit where the flow of the crowd continued to push in and out. Cethin was shoving people out of the way, but didn't realize this was just making a pathway to him from behind. The moment he saw Rune's eyes he shoved toward him only to be stopped for half a second and then pulled back into nothingness.

Cethin tried to struggle, but the moment where Rune was in front of him had vanished. Cethin tried to fight against the tunnel of darkness he was being pulled into and the crowd seemed to sink away like melting snow. It was a second later and they were back at the wall again. With just one of the thugs staring Cethin down harshly. "Who are you and what do you want with me!" Cethin demanded, but the man didn't speak he nearly punched Cethin in the side of his head enough to render him unconscious. His body crumpled to the ground and the man began to search his pockets.

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