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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Abner walks quietly down the shopping district pathway, looking down at a piece of scrap paper in his hands. He hated it here. He hated being surrounded by a bunch of strangers. It made his arms shake. It made it hurt to breath. It made his heart pound in his ear drums. It made his senses heighten to his surroundings. He was more alert: Always on edge, as if he was on the look out for a predator. He never felt safe in large environments like this. Though, he had to come. He and his roommate were running out of shopping supplies. Mainly food. It was his turn to come to this dreaded fucking place. He glances around lightly. ..Where was it he was going again?

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo was also at the shopping district that day for a common purpose with Abner; to stock up on supplies for his dorm room. Mostly packaged food (since he never bothered to cook and neither did his roommate it seemed), drinks, and everyday home essentials. He rarely spoke with his roommate, but they had at least established fixed schedules for errands like this. And he stuck to his turns, always completing them without fail. It never took him very long; he didn't require many things, and a few bags worth of appliances and food was usually more than enough to last them for another week or two. They always brought home the same items each and every turn, so he knew where everything was placed as well, making the trip even shorter. He was roaming around the shopping district at a purposeful pace now, knowing his stops and way around around.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Shit, he hoped he wasn't lost. In a dreadful place like this, that'd be horrible. Abner looks back down at the paper and continues walking, though blinks when he ends up walking into something. Or rather, someone. He lightly takes a few steps back and rubs his forehead before glancing up,"..Watch where you're going next time.." It was probably his fault as well, but he was sure he wasn't the only one at fault, or the other guy would of moved aside for him or something.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo had actually noticed Abner almost right away since entering the shopping district, mainly because the other didn't exactly try to hide the fact that he had little idea where he was going. Jinsoo had counted at least five times where they'd passed each other and he'd looked completely lost. Regardless of this observation, Jinsoo hadn't been planning on helping him. He'd planned on finishing up his shopping and leaving right away. Unfortunately that plan was disrupted when the guy in question walked right into him. Jinsoo hadn't been paying attention to anything besides his errands, hence why he hadn't noticed him approaching. He spun around, his eyes instantly narrowing on the unfamiliar person. "You're the one that bumped into me, not the other way around, so you watch where you're going," he retorted unkindly. He took a proper look at him now, then glanced at the paper, and determined he shouldn't be too harsh on the guy for he really was lost. He stared at him silently for a moment, before, surprising as it was, charily making the implication that he was willing to help.
"... do you even have any idea where you're going?"

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Abner lightly blinks, glaring at him,"..What's that supposed to mean?" He needed help. That much was obvious. But this guy. Man. This guy. He made it sound like Abner was stupid for being lost. Though, he wasn't quick to snap at him. He never usually was. He was antisocial, sure, and sometimes used creative language, but it took a little to piss him off. He wasn't pissed off. He was annoyed.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo didn't reply, instead, he stared at the piece of paper in Abner's hand. Without a word, he reached out and snatched it out of his hand, reading through it silently. Then, he turned and suddenly started walking down the shopping district again, away from the shop he'd just been at and looking through. He took a turn ahead and walked to one shop at the end of the path, stepping inside before finally turning around to face Abner again, assuming he'd followed him. The shop they were at clearly held many of the times listed on Abner's grocery list. Jinsoo wordlessly pointed him inside.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Abner blinks,"Hey!" He quickly follows,"Where is it that we're going? I need that paper!" He states. Obviously Jinsoo knew that, right? He couldn't be that stupid. ..At least, he didn't look that stupid. Abner follows him into the store, blinking lightly. "..Er.. Thanks.."

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo had ignored Abner's protests while he'd lead the way to the store with Abner's paper in hand, though in the end, he didn't need to explain, since Abner seemed to understand instantly upon entering the shop. He nodded when Abner thanked him and motioned for him to grab what he needed, meanwhile, he leaned against the entrance, waiting for him to finish up patiently. There was another shop he would have to visit if he wanted to get everything on the list, so Jinsoo decided he would lead him there afterwards. He wasn't sure why he was helping Abner, but it didn't feel bad to him, so he continued anyways.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Abner had quickly grabbed what he could, picking up the bags and walks over. He eyes him, seeming confused. "..Why are you still helping me..?" Abner was distant. He didn't like close bonds. They never ended well. He didn't allow himself to open up so easily. Especially to someone he'd just met. Surely, this man before him was helping him because he wanted something, right? Was it money? Something else, perhaps? Abner couldn't figure it out, so his confusion shouldn't be that surprising.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo had waited silently by the entrance as Abner had grabbed what he needed. As he returned, Jinsoo met Abner's confused gaze with a curious one of his own. He considered his question for a moment before he merely shrugged his shoulders. "Who knows, I'm wondering the same thing." He peeled himself off the wall and glanced at the bags in Abner's hands. "Done? Let's go, then," he said and turned to head back into the passage, leading the way to one last shop that Abner would need to visit to get the remainder of things on his list.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Abner kept quiet, furrowing his brows as he followed. As they walked, he had glanced away. His face probably had a tint of red to it. Though, he did not speak. He wasn't sure what to say to him. A complete stranger, helping him like this. He still wasn't sure if he was doing it because he wanted something, or because he wanted to. He had glanced up at him. ..He was usually viewed as invisible. Even among his pack. He couldn't understand why this guy saw him. Probably because Abner had walked face first into this guy's back. Yeah, that'd make sense.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo didn't look back while he walked, hence why he didn't notice the tint of red on Abner's cheeks. Probably a good thing for Abner, since he would have likely inquired on it had he noticed. Eventually he walked up to a second shop and waved Abner inside, hovering awkwardly by the door. He wasn't really sure what to do now. He'd helped him get everything on his list, so he didn't really have any reason to still be there. Abner had found his way inside on his own, Jinsoo was sure he could do the same with finding his way out. But just turning and leaving simply quite rude, even for Jinsoo. So he stayed leaning against the wall, avoiding Abner's gaze.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Abner quickly grabs and pays for his last thing, turning to face the door, lightly blinking in shock when he saw Jinsoo still standing there. He lightly bites his bottom lip, slowly approaching,"I.. Thank you.. I'm.. Abner, by the way.." He spoke quietly, averting his gaze.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo was still avoiding Abner's eyes, though it was the same in both cases, for Abner wasn't looking directly at Jinsoo either. Normally, Jinsoo would've said something along the lines of "I didn't ask" when he received words like Abner's, since he really hadn't asked for Abner's name, but instead, he found himself saying; "... I'm Jinsoo." He stopped there, but still, for Jinsoo's usual standards, that was peculiarly 'nice'.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Abner nods,"U-Um.." He checked his phone,"..It's.. Around noon.. Do you.. Have any plans..?" He asks, finally glancing up at him. Ok, maybe Abner was being completely foolish right now. He couldn't speak around this guy. He couldn't stop talking softly. He couldn't stop stuttering. His mind kept going blank. This wasn't like him.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Abner was making progress, for he was at least able to look at Jinsoo properly now. Jinsoo, on the contrary, was still steadily averting Abner's eyes, staring at the wall at the other end of the store. He seemed to be pretty tense and on edge; he wasn't accustomed to talking with others if it weren't obvious enough. He had one friend he spoke to and that was all. Talking to other was a new barrier for him. When Abner spoke, however, his curiosity surpassed his nervousness, for he was able to peek over at Abner, raising a brow. "No, why?"

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Abner swallows and sighs, glancing up at Jinsoo,"..I want to buy you lunch. It'll.. Be my way of thanking you.." He mumbles, glancing down again. This was new to Abner as well. Few ever talked to him, so he never made an effort to talk to others either. But.. The polite thing to do was something like this, as a way to thank this complete stranger for helping him. ..Right..? At least, that's what Abner believed. That's how the story books talked about it. Then again, Abner read romance novels.. But he was sure that there wasn't much difference between romance and friendship.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo raised an eyebrow in mild bewilderment, his blue-grey gaze trained fixedly on Abner, even when the man looked away. "... You don't have to. Buying lunch for me is a lot more expensive than me showing you around a market," he pointed out, though did not outright refuse the offer, which technically said a lot, considering his usual tendency to avoid all and any social events with others (excluding his friend Carly, that is).
"... you already thanked me," he added quietly.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Abner huffs, glancing up,"A simple thank you isn't enough. And it's not that expensive. Just.." He sighs,"It's my way of properly thanking you, alright?" God, why was this guy making this so hard on Abner? ..Maybe Abner was making it hard on himself. Why was he so persistent on taking this guy out to eat? It made no sense. He furrows his eyebrows at this thought, once again averting his gaze.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo rolled his eyes with dramatic effect. "I didn't even do that much. You probably would've found your way eventually, with or without me." Jinsoo was not normally keen on holding debts. He would probably feel indebted to Abner if he did allow him to buy him lunch, since he would feel the need to pay him back. Jinsoo made it a habit to manipulate people, but he had his morals. And repaying his debts was one of them. Though, Abner saw it differently. He would think buying him lunch would make them equal. A favor for a favor. Maybe Jinsoo would benefit in adopting that sort of mentality as well.
"... fine. Just this once," he mumbled at last, still evading Abner's gaze.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Abner blinks in shock, his eyes widening,"R-Really?" He shakes his head,"Nevermind. Good. There's a place down the road that we can go to. A cafe of sorts. Come on." He heads out, expecting him to follow.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo follows behind him obediantly, shoving his hands into his pants' pockets. He raises an eyebrow at Abner as they walk, clearly confused. "You can find your way to a cafe on a road but not shops in a shopping district?" He let out a sigh, mumbling aloud. "How does that even work? You're a mystery."

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Abner huffs,"Of course I'm a mystery, you don't know me." He glances away,"..I can find my way to the sweet smells rising off of the cafe building a lot better than I can to regular stores." He grumbles softly,"Too many smells happen in the shopping district. It makes me dizzy, and I often lose my way. I get confused as to which direction I'm going." He explains, approaching the cafe.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo rolled his eyes with dramatic effect. "Well no duh, I meant it's a strange and mysterious combination." He explained himself. Jinsoo raises an eyebrow questionably when Abner clarified his methods for finding his way around. "You smell your way around?" He inquired incredulously, astonished. "What are you, a dog?"

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Abner had suddenly glared up at him, growling lowly,"..Did you just call me a dog?" True, wolves were the ancestors of dogs, but still, being called a dog was an insult. Dogs were pets. They were bred specifically to follow and obey. Do tricks for treats. Perhaps protect in some cases as well. Wolves were majestic and fierce. They were. Are. Wild and free. They are not some pet that would obey a command for a simple 'Scooby Snack'.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo watched Abner with a steady gaze when he suddenly growled at him and lowered his voice, clear signs of indignation to Jinsoo. Not that he was particularly surprised. He could see how Abner could take offence to his metaphor. "... I didn't call you one. I compared your capability to smell your way around to one," he murmured, unsure why he felt the need to make a better impression of himself for Abner, but found himself doing so anyways. He assumed lunch wouldn't be very enjoyable if Abner already hated him. Plus, Abner was a bit intimidating, he couldn't lie. Jinsoo doubted it'd be a good idea for himself to make an enemy out of him.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Abner eyes him, huffing and glances away. Everyone here in Syracuse were.. Unique, right? Of course, it had some mortals, but here, it wasn't hidden that the supernaturals existed. "..I'm a wolf." He grumbles, walking passed him towards the cafe, expecting him to follow.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo didn't comment on this revelation, nor did he attempt to reply with his own species, as would probably be expected in the situation. He did follow suit behind Abner into the cafe though, even somewhat cheerfully, since his facial features weren't fixed into a blank stare and there was the smallest trace of a bounce in his steps. He let Abner pick where they would sit, and was they'd found a place, slid into the seat opposite Abner.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Abner glances back quietly at him. This guy was weird. Not that it was a bad thing. It was just.. Different. Well, he had seen many cheerful students pass him by in the hallways. Perhaps it was just weird that one could go from being blank to suddenly.. Bouncy? Though, Abner didn't comment on it. He sighs, sitting down in a booth and glances out the window as the menus were placed in front of them.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Jinsoo wasted no time snatching a menu and beginning to scan it thoroughly, his mood suddenly brightening. So much so in fact, that he was even quietly humming a little tune. Evidently, he was hungry and happy to be fed. He'd been playing it cool earlier but the promise of food was a welcoming one now that all the options were before him.
He seemed to realize soon that he was humming loud enough for Abner to hear (he hadn't quite realized he'd been doing it previously) and instantly silenced himself. He switched up his whole aura as well, as if he'd never been doing it from the start. A very quick change. He decided on what he wanted to order before setting the menu down and fixing his gaze on Abner, blankly waiting for him to finish as well.

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