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Residents :
Kat Kane

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Kat opened the window, letting the breeze fly in. Smartie started barking at the strange that of wind. His mother; Lila cuffed him. Kat smiled at her huskys. Snowy had bolted off,scared of the puppies barking. Ricco burster in, checking to make sure his son was fine. Smartie started to chase his father's tail,growling at the fluffy thing that was swinging in front of him. Ricco turned, pushing his son with his muzzle. Kat picked up her puppy just like a baby,cradling him in her arms, Smartie nuzzles his muzzle in her arm. Ricco jumped on Kat, Smartie opened his eyes,trying to reach his father's muzzle. " Down" Instructed Kat. Ricco turned and fell of, curling in his bed. Lila looked up, hoping she could do a trick to, Kat set Smartie down.
" Over" Intructed Kat, tracing her finger in a circle.Lila dropped, rolling either way. Smartie followed onto his back,looking up hopefully at Kat.
" Hahahaha" Kat laughed,patting Smartie on the belly.
She took some treats and set them on the floor.
" 1" Kat reasoned. R
Ricco faced over took one and sat down, Lila did the same, Smartie just ate the last three. Snowy Appeared,looking for a treat.
Kat reached for the Kitty Delights bag of treats. Snowy purred,say one waited.
" Here" Kat said, tossing a great at Snowy.
Snowy batted it around,then ate it.


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